Nokian launches new zLine all-season UHP tire

Nokian’s zLine A/S tire. | © Nokian

Nokian launches new zLine all-season UHP tire

Nokian’s new UHP all-season tire promises a safer and quieter ride, fuel and mileage benefits, and handling and stability even in tough road conditions. The new zLine A/S tire will be available for passenger cars and SUVs and will go on sale in North America in early 2017.

The zLine family will comprise 31 products, ranging in size from 16 to 20 inches and speed category W (up to 168 mph).

Advanced handling

Nokian says its new tire design means the zLine A/S remains reliable even at high speeds and withstands stress caused by poor roads. Its stiff outside shoulder stabilizes the handling of the rigid tread pattern on wet and slushy roads, especially during dangerous hydroplaning, while the contoured groove corners provide additional support during cornering and lane changes, allowing balanced road contact at all times.

The polished longitudinal and transversal grooves effectively remove water and slush from between the road surface and the tire and also work to maximize grip on wet and slushy roads.

The zLine also has Cooling Edge technology to provide more efficient cooling to the hottest parts of the tire, and its Dynamic Traction Boost Tread Compound was specially tailored for demanding use at higher speeds. The functional full silica compound adapts to changes in temperature for better wet-weather grip. The new rubber compound can also withstand the stress from rough asphalt, which results in good wear resistance.

All zLine A/S tires come fitted with Nokian’s Driving Safety Indicator on the center rib which shows what percentage of tread depth remains.

“The new Nokian zLine A/S immediately responds to steering, which is an essential requirement for safe operation at the extreme limits,” said Nokian Tyres Product Development Manager Olli Seppälä. “In addition to the precise handling, these advances in technology also manifest themselves in the commendable driving comfort and durability of the tire.”

Solutions for SUVs

The tread compound in the zLine A/S SUV tire is even stiffer than in the passenger car model, making it sturdy and especially balanced to handle. The service life is improved by Nokian’s Aramid Sidewall technology, which reduces sidewall damage common to SUVs.

For specifications and more information on Nokian’s zLine tires, visit the website.

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