Nexen Tire launches new mobile app to find tires and nearest dealers

Nexen Tire America launched its all-new mobile app designed to make finding the right tires easier than ever.

Consumers can now use their smartphone or tablet to easily navigate through Nexen Tire’s complete tire line up using newly introduced search features. In addition to the standard year, make and model or tire-size searches, consumers can also use the app’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) scanner tool to find the precise tire for their vehicle.

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The app also features an interactive augmented reality (AR) function allowing consumers to visualize in real-time how a new set of Nexen tires will look on their vehicle. Nexen Tire’s new app also features a Dealer Locator search function which allows users to request more information and even request an appointment at their nearest Nexen Tire dealer.

Key features of Nexen Tire’s all-new tire-finder app include:

  • Simplified tire finder allows consumers to search by vehicle application, VIN scan or tire size
  • Detailed information on all Nexen tires, including available sizes, speed rating, treadwear rating, weight ratings, reviews and more
  • Interactive experience creates a modern shopping experience customizable to the user’s specific needs
  • Quick and easy appointment/estimate requests at your nearest preferred Nexen Tire dealer location
  • Ability to register tires, review warranty policies, Nexen’s social media and more!

“Shopping for tires can be confusing and complex, but it doesn’t have to be and we’re confident our all-new app will help simplify the process for drivers everywhere. We want to make tire shopping as fun and easy as possible, while also ensuring customers feel confident with their decisions. We believe our app and the updates to our website do that for our customers,” said John Hagan, executive vice president of sales for Nexen Tire America, Inc. “By seamlessly integrating the process of finding the perfect tire and the ability to request an appointment, we’ve given our customers the perfect one-stop-shop for their tire-buying experience.”

Nexen’s latest app is available to both Android and iPhone users and can be downloaded through the iTunes and Google Play app stores.

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