Maxam Tire announces new large haulage tire: the MS403

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Maxam Tire announces the new addition and its biggest open pit mining tire, the MS403 59/80R63 to their large mining series.

Utilizing pioneering compounding technology and cutting-edge engineering, the MS403 is manufactured in the company’s state-of-the-art radial tire facility. To meet the most challenging application requirements in the open pit mining segment, Maxam has engineered the MS403 to provide the industry with a robust and durable solution for the largest mining haul trucks.

“In the demanding mining global market, the addition of the 59/80R63 size further enhances our flagship mining product line, delivering a comprehensive line of viable solutions to mining applications globally in every size. With only a few manufacturers capable of producing the largest and most aggressive 63-inch large tires, this showcases MAXAM’s commitment to play an integral part in the mining industry’s operation and future. We are confident that the largest open pit mining tires will perform on par with other tier-one tires with a more competitive price and value” says Matt Johnson, VP of MAXAM Mining Group.

To meet the demands that large haul trucks with 63” tires face, the 59/80R63 MS403 encompasses a heavy-duty casing and bead construction with advanced compounding technology. Similar to the large 63” product lineup in the mining series, the MS403 has undergone advanced engineering, extensive research, and rigorous global testing repeatedly.

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