Magna Tyres introduces new tire for Articulated Dump Trucks

Magna Tyres introduces the new Magna MA02+ tyres for Articulated Dump Trucks. The new tire has been designed to optimize productivity in the harshest environments and can provide low cost per kilometre operation.

The tyre is available in the popular sizes 750/65R25 and 875/65R29 for ADT’s operating in moderate and difficult conditions. The Magna MA02+ has been manufactured to safely, effectively and comfortably operate an Articulated Dump Truck. Extensive wear on the tyres is minimal thanks to the superior compound and protected sidewall. These also guarantee the tyres to be less prone to cuts and punctures. An extra feature on the Magna MA02+ is the E3 self-cleaning tread which ensures exceptional grip and stability on the most demanding terrains, making the tyre ideal for a whole range of different industrial purposes.

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