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A new tire ecommerce platform designed to help independent tire dealers fight back against the aggressive tire sales tactics of car dealerships will launch later this month. is an easy-to-use online tire-buying solution for a generation of shoppers who prefer to make their purchase decisions on the internet. The platform’s model is one with which tire dealers are familiar from services such as SimpleTire and TireBuyer: the tire sale is made online, but consumers are sent to their local car dealership for installation. But, crucially, TireShop sends the online shopper to a local, independent tire dealer for installation.

The platform is the brainchild of Jason and Joshua Crook who, together with their mother Sandra, own Jack Calhoun Tire in Lithia Springs, Georgia. The brothers partnered with Tireweb Marketing to create the platform.

TireShop – an opportunity to upsell

Jason said the goal was to drive the business away from the car dealers and back to the independent tire stores.

“Yes, we (TireShop) are getting the tire sale, but we are helping our retail partners generate revenue from the installation,” Jason said.

“We’re opening up the doors for dealers to upsell other services (such as alignments, TPMS services and brake checks) needed to ensure every customer who does business with is driving their vehicle with safe tires, and is being told the status of what’s needed to ensure theirs is a safe vehicle.”

It’s an idea that’s proving popular. Jason said he had been overwhelmed by requests from retailers interested in becoming a TireShop Preferred Partner Installer.

“We’ve lined up a lot of independent tire stores and we’re still signing them up,” he said. “I’m getting emails daily – and we welcome many more.”

TireShop helps independents take on car dealers

Calhoun is a busy independent tire shop (the day Traction News called to speak to Jason, he had 50 cars in for new tires), but Jason said even they had felt the pinch from the aggressive business practices of car dealerships.

“I used to do a lot of business with car dealerships, but not any more – not now they’re all selling tires. That’s all gone,” he said.

“Car dealerships are communicating tire tread wear to every customer entering their service drives.

“Tires are the first point of defection of a car dealership, and we want to make sure we go after that business and work to help drive customer pay service business to our Preferred Partner Installers.

“Our platform will stand out among others as we are focused on helping retailers and their traffic counts by helping drive service pay business to their shops.

“With TireShop, the consumer goes online and looks for tires, and our software populates for the nearest shop. We’re going to drive traffic to those installers.

“It’s why retailers want to partner up with us.”

It is a concept that has become even more important for independent dealers since Dealer Tire purchased SimpleTire in May 2019.

Register for TireShop’s Preferred Partner Installer Program now

TireShop launches with a trial across west coast USA later this month and will be ready for a full 50-state rollout by March. It’ll be backed by a huge marketing campaign, including targeting consumers down to a zip code level.

Tire dealers and mobile installers interested in registering for TireShop’s Preferred Partner Installers Program can email:

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