Hunter & Tire//Smart Shop Management System announce new integration

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Hunter Engineering and Tire//SMART shop management system (powered by JMK) announce a new integrated solution for the automotive aftermarket. Hunter wheel alignment systems and the Tire//SMART shop management system (powered by JMK) can now combine to digitally tie alignment results directly to work orders and customer history.

The partnership will increase shop productivity, provide superior customer service and more efficiently maintain clients’ alignment results in one convenient place. Once the alignment work order is created in Tire//Smart, it automatically lists on the Hunter alignment machine. The technician simply selects the desired work order and performs the service.

Once completed, the results are automatically tied to the work order and customer history with no manual data entry, screenshots or linking required. Additionally, customers can look up their past service online, including wheel alignments, through the Tire//SMART shop management system.

“Wheel alignment continues to be a vital part of the automotive service industry,” said Alan Hagerty, Hunter product manager. “We know that approximately 50 percent of vehicles on the road are out of alignment. We also know that wheel alignment is usually the most profitable service a shop can offer. And while electric vehicles may not have fluids or as many moving parts, they all still have a suspension and four wheels.”

Hunter’s HawkEye Elite alignment system helps maximize shops’ profitability by enabling work to be performed with great speed and efficiency. Initial alignment readings can be obtained in 70 seconds with a single trip around the vehicle. The system then guides technicians through the alignment process with built-in tools to ensure a straight steering wheel every time.

HawkEye Elite also offers the largest and most comprehensive vehicle specification database in the industry, ensuring alignments are performed to OEM specifications.

Tire//SMART shop management system (powered by JMK) joins the group of more than 20 Hunter integration partners whose integrations are available at no additional cost from Hunter.

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