Got a new set of tires? Here are some summer road trip suggestions

When you get a new set of tires on your vehicle, it can feel as though you can go anywhere and do anything. This belief can be a bit exaggerated, of course, but new tires can make a long road trip safer and more practical than it would have been otherwise. If you’re itching to go somewhere since getting your new tires installed but aren’t sure where, here are some suggestions.

Cruise Departure Ports

Once you find the best cruise deals, the road trip can be just the beginning of a larger adventure on the deep blue sea. You can drive your car to the port of your departure and then sail away from there. Keep in mind that this means making arrangements for parking your car ahead of time so that it will remain undisturbed for the duration of your trip.

The specific port city you will depart from depends on the cruise that you book. New York City is one of the most popular departure ports. However, many cruises, especially those headed for the Caribbean, also depart from Florida cities because of the relative proximity.

Florida Keys Scenic Highway

Of course, you don’t have to depart on a cruise to enjoy a drive in the Sunshine State. You can enjoy the turquoise waters and tropical scenery without ever leaving the United States by taking the “Road to Paradise” where the Gulf of Mexico meets the Atlantic Ocean along a 110-mile stretch of highway between Key West and Key Largo.

New Mexico High Road to Taos

The High Road to Taos in New Mexico offers a lot to see in a relatively short 56-mile stretch. It will take you through villages of the Pueblo people, small farms, mountains, forests, and the high desert. The winding road between Santa Fe and Taos is rich in art, culture, and history as it makes its way through the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

South Dakota Badlands Loop

Many people get confused because there are two states with “Dakota” in the name and they both have areas referred to as the Badlands. However, the more you know about North Dakota and South Dakota, the less you find that they have in common, and the same holds true for their respective Badlands.

South Dakota’s Badlands National Park is a unique, otherworldly landscape of multicolored spires and craggy buttes, and the Badlands Loop is a 31-mile highway that takes you right into it. You’ve probably seen the Badlands in movies such as the Academy Award-winning “Nomadland” or sci-fi pictures in which it played the part of another planet. Now is the time to experience it for yourself up close.

Minnesota North Shore Scenic Drive

The North Shore in question is of that of Lake Superior, the largest of the five Great Lakes. Minnesota borders South Dakota, but this scenic drive may feel like a completely different world than the Badlands. While the Badlands are rugged and arid, their striated colors immortal and immutable, the North Shore Scenic Drive is lush and verdant, changing colors with the seasons. They are two very different experiences but both extremely worthwhile, whether you see them on the same trip or decide to save one for another time.

Route 66

No discussion of road trips in the United States would be complete without a mention of Route 66. This highway has been immortalized in song and found a permanent place in the collective American consciousness, and for good reason. Spanning over 2,000 miles, the original Route 66 connected small towns across eight states, starting in Chicago, Illinois, and ending in Santa Monica, California. Today, Route 66 represents something of a treasure hunt. It is still possible to follow the original route despite the highway largely being replaced by I-40 and other interstates, and you can still find relics of a bygone era along the way.

With a new set of tires on your vehicle, you can feel confident in your traction and braking ability, even when driving unfamiliar routes.

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