Goodyear launches new fuel-efficient tire range: FUELMAX Performance

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Goodyear is launching its most fuel-efficient tire range to date, the FUELMAX Performance truck tire. The tire will be launched at IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018 at Hanover, Germany and will be the first Goodyear truck tire to feature full silica tread compound technology, achieve EU tyre label grade ‘A’ for fuel efficiency and meet full Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake (3PMSF) winter tire requirements.


FUELMAX Performance tires are developed for maximum fuel savings with low heat generation and low rolling resistance for dedicated long haul applications. They offer ‘A’ grade EU label fuel efficiency, ‘B’ grade Wet Grip, one wave exterior noise and 3PMSF winter performance. The tire design ensures extremely regular footprint pressure distribution for regular wear and high mileage under all load conditions encountered in long haul service.

The Goodyear FUELMAX Performance range comprises two FUELMAX S Performance steer tires and a FUELMAX D Performance drive tire. The combination of FUELMAX Performance steer and drive tires with existing Goodyear FUELMAX T trailer tires – also labeled ‘A’ in Fuel Efficiency – enables consistent fuel savings and CO2 reductions.

A long-haul fleet of 100 vehicles using this tire combination could save up to 214,000 liters of diesel per year and reduce up to 557,000 kg of CO2 – saving up to 290,000 euros in fuel costs.


© Goodyear


The FUELMAX S Performance steer tires comprise sizes 315/70R22.5 and 385/55R22.5. The 315/70R22.5 steer tires have five ribs and the 385/55R22.5 have six with both having tread features that optimize water distribution and regular wear, with wet braking performance maintained well into the life of the tires.


The FUELMAX D Performance drive tire is produced in size 315/70R22.5 with IntelliMax Groove technology also a feature. The tread design assists traction and cleaning with self- generating grooves appearing at 60% tread wear to ensure life-long traction, high mileage and low rolling resistance. Full tread depth visibility at any position is ensured by 16 measuring windows.

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