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According to Consumer Reports, the Hankook Dynapro AT-M is a top pick in the Light Truck/SUV category. The tire tested above average in all test categories and also proved to deliver excellent treadwear. Traction News is going to compare and contrast independent testing results from Consumer Reports with the claims about the tire made by Hankook.

Fitment and sizing information

The Dynapro AT-M from Hankook has a tread that is designed for added traction on snowy or unpaved roads. The tire comes in sizes designed for light trucks and SUVs with wheel diameters from 15 through 22 inches. The Dynapro AT-M will be at home on Jeeps, four-wheel drive pickups and sport utility vehicles.

It is available in either LT or P-metric sizing. All tires in metric sizes carry a speed rating of “T.” LT and SAE sizes carry either an “S” or an “R” speed rating. Available tire size ranges are:

• 235/75R15 with a ply rating of four and a load index of 109
• Three 15-inch sizes in inch measurements with widths from 30 to 33 inches, heights of 9.5 to 12.50, ply ratings of six and load indexes of 104, 108, and 109.
• LT235/75R15, ply rating six, load index 101
• P255/65R16, load index 106
• P225, P255, and P26/70R16, ply rating four and load indexes of 103, 11, and 112
• LT265 and 305/70R16; ply rating eight and ten, respectively; and load indexes of 114 and 121
• Four P-metric sizes from P225 through P265, 75 Series, in 16 inch, with ply rating four and load indexes of 106 through 114
• Five 75 Series LT tires from 225-315 in 16 inch, all of which have ply ratings of ten (except the LT315, which has a rating of eight) and load indexes from 112-123
• Two 85 Series 16-inch tires in LT215 and 235, with ply ratings of 10 and load indexes of 112 and 116
• LT235/80R17, ply rating ten and load index 117
• LT225 and 245 in 75 Series, 17 inch, with ply rating 10 and load indexes of 113 and 118
• Three 75 Series 17-inch P-metric sizes from P235-P255, with ply rating four and load indexes from 108-113
• Six 75 Series LT sizes from LT245-LT315, with ply ratings of ten (except the 315, which has a rating of 8) and load indexes of 116 or 118
• Two 70 Series metrics, P245 and P255, ply rating four and load indexes 108 and 109
• Three 65 Series 17-inch metric sizes P235-265, ply rating four, load indexes 103, 111, and 112
• LT265/275/70R18, ply rating ten, load indexes 121 and 122
• P255/P265/70R18, ply rating four, load indexes 112 and 114
• Three 18-inch 65 Series sizes from LT275-325, ply rating ten, load indexes of 120-124
• Two P-metric 18-inch sizes, P265/P275, ply rating four, load indexes 112 and 114
• LT325/60R18, ply rating 10, load index 121
• P255/P265/60R18, four plies, load indexes 107 and 114
• LT275/65R20, ten plies, load index 123
• LT325/65R20, ten plies, load index 123
• P275/60R20, four plies, load index 114
• LT235/60R20, four plies, load index 123
• 375/55R20, four plies, load index 113
• LT285/LT305/55R20, ten plies, load indexes 119 and 118
• 305/50R20, four plies, load index 120
• LT325/50R22, ten plies, load index122
• LT325/50R22, ten plies, load index122
• 305/45R22, four plies, load index 118

What Hankook says about the Dynapro AT-M

Hankook calls the Dynapro AT-M “the best on/off road tire for 4X4 vehicles.” The company says the “Dynapro AT-M employs a tough pattern design and block structure to overcome any road.”

The tire offers puncture resistance with a wraparound tread that gives the tire a rugged look. The tire also has a reinforced under-tread gauge that helps prevent internal damage from impacts that occur during off-road use. Hankook covers it with a 50,000 mile treadwear warranty.

Uniform government and independent testing results

All P-metric Dynapro tires having Uniform Tire Quality Grading scores of 560 for treadwear. Letter grades of “A” and “B”, respectively, were assigned for traction and temperature resistance. Consumer Reports gave it a score of 58 out of 66.

Dynapro received mostly above average marks in testing

Although independent results were mixed, the Dynapro received no grade below “good” from Consumer Reports. It received grades of “excellent” in both tread life and dry braking. Grades of “very good” were achieved in hydroplaning and snow traction testing.

However, the wide tread that is at the root of these grades contributed to the tire receiving a grade of only “good” in noise testing. The tire was awarded the grade of “good” in six testing categories: wet braking, rolling resistance, noise, ride comfort, handling, and wet braking.

Read more about the Dynapro AT-M here.

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