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Have you heard of Giti Tires? If you are a car race driver or simply a spectator on racing events – you must have heard this brand so many times. The main office of Giti Tires is located in Singapore but has manufacturing plants in many countries like China, Indonesia, and the United States. The brand, Giti Tire, is one of the manufacturers of quality and world-class tires. Did you know that they were initially producing bicycle tires and inner tubes in Indonesia in 1951? And later on, they started to produce tires for passenger and commercial vehicles. In 2017, a manufacturing facility was opened in South Carolina in the US and a Giti office in Dubai. It was also the same year when they finally debuted and made it to the 24 Hours Nurburging racing in which they bagged 2nd place in its SP8 class.

Giti Fearless All-women Team

Giti Tire Group initiate in capitalizing or funding motorsports drivers and events, under the Giti and GT Radial brands as a way of promoting their product to the public. They are one of the tire sponsors in countless motorsports events held in Asia and Europe. In October 2019, the Giti Audi R8 duo secured the 1st and 2nd spot in its SP8 class. It is Giti’s all-women racing team, and they made history for winning its class in VLN Germany, an international competition. Yes, you read it right – an all-women group. The race car drivers, managers, chief, and crew were a team of all females, which is the first in historic racing in Nurburgring. The year 2021 is the fifth year of Giti Tire in the Nürburgring 24-Hour car racing while it is the third year with the all-female team.

Did the girls keep up with Green Hell?

Nürburgring is very popular because of its challenging and dangerous racetracks. The sudden change in weather conditions is one of the risk factors. Also, its rural setup makes it hard for emergency vehicles to get access to. The first three race car drivers who took the first try on the race track in Nurburgring (also known as green hell) are Carrie Schreiner, Ronja Assmann, and Jasmin Preisig. It was held on the weekend of March 23 to 24, 2019. They maneuvered the Giti-branded Volkswagen Golf VII GTI TCR, in partnership with WS Racing. Their first try on the car racing loop was very successful. They have conquered and managed to stay on track despite the foggy conditions and garnered 2nd place in their SP3T class. The team was also the fastest lap in the SP3T class at 9:21.725.

Why is Nürburgring open for public use if it is dangerous?

Yes, it is open for public use but not on some sections of the fatal track – it is prohibited. When driving on the track, it is required that the driver has a valid license and his/her car has legal documents to use on the car racing circle. It is a requirement to use a car that works well on the track like the GT3 and GT4 cars. There is also a certain amount that you need to pay so make sure to research about it before you kickstart on the road. The road is however closed during events and if there are accidents happened that need to get fixed.

Drivers should think first before deciding on trying out the track. When you crashed your car and needed emergency service or knocked down some of the barriers on the road is your full responsibility and at times, is expensive. This is why some car racing wannabe drivers would just rent a car that has insurance to save them from the tremendous expense. It is also recommended to get a professional instructor to guide and teach you while on the track.

What is the objective behind the Nurburgring 24 hours car racing?

To begin with, this event was introduced by the ADAC in 1970. ADAC stands for Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club and they are the largest automobile club in Europe. Nurburgring 24 hours car racing is an annual touring car and it is more like an endurance contest, which is usually held in May or June, depending on the weather condition. It is exciting and enjoyable for spectators to witness this event, that some fans would even go camping around the circuit to cheer on their favorite car race driver. It is an overall challenging test for cars, to measure the endurance of it and the skill a car driver has to manage the narrow road and shifting moments when the elevation changes. The circuit also helps in highlighting any stability issues.

Giti Tire Motorsport All-female team celebrates their 5th Nürburgring 24-Hour Race

Having a great team composed of all women is one achievement unlocked by Giti Tire Motorsport with the partnership of WS Racing. Technically, Giti Tire is in its 5th year participating in the Nürburgring 24-Hour car racing. While it is their 3rd year with their all-female squad or the Giti Girls. The team received a high level of attention which is overwhelming for the girls and that made them conclude that they can also do the type of performance that men do – or may sometimes outperform them. They started strong and continue on their toes to be consistently focused on achieving their goal. With that being said is worth celebrating.

The 24-Hour car racing event is a good validation in showcasing Nürburgring as one of the best tire testing grounds in Europe – even in the world. Racing through the roads of Nürburgring leads to different challenges and sometimes leads to death. But these courageous race car drivers braved the way and risk their lives for their dreams. It is indeed a mixture of extreme and intensive tests each lap. However, it is the most terrific accomplishment for a car race driver to complete the race in one piece and a satisfying feeling after finishing a grueling 24-hour endeavor with flying colors.

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