Giti Tire introduces next generation GT Radial commercial truck tires

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Giti Tire is introducing a comprehensive line-up of next generation GT Radial commercial truck tires for the United States including “Cross Regional” and “Cross Urban” products designed for fleets that perform a combination of long haul, regional and urban runs.

“GT Radial branding for our commercial truck tires aligns with naming of our extensive passenger and light truck tire products produced in both the U.S.A. and Indonesia. Together, this orientation will boost brand recognition for all our products,” said Armand Allaire, executive vice president of commercial sales for Giti Tire USA.

“The trend toward consumers wanting goods immediately is changing distribution and haul lengths. More fleets are performing a combination of long haul, regional and urban runs,” said Matthew Hanchana, senior sales technical and commercial marketing manager for Giti Tire USA. “The tread patterns and compounding innovations in our new Cross Regional and Cross Urban product lines are designed to operate efficiently in all of these applications.”

GT Radial commercial tires, including 11 tread patterns and 29 SKUs, are available now to U.S.A. tire dealers.

The GT Radial Cross Regional tires (GSR135FE, GDR335FE, GTR750FE) are SmartWay verified with optimized tread wear for combined regional and long-haul operations; typically, 70 to 80 percent on highways and 20 to 30 percent on regional roads.

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