Giti Tire introduces new GT Radial Extreme Performance Tire

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Giti Tire introduces its newest GT Radial Extreme Performance Tire: The Champiro SX2 RS extreme performance summer tire.

The Champiro SX2 RS2 is designed to give drivers race inspired performance on the street and a competitive edge on the track. Giti’s newest tire is an evolution of the venerable SX2 design which has been popular with competitive drivers and everyday enthusiasts.

Utilizing all the strong points of the original SX2, including an extremely aggressive and proven asymmetric tread design, the Champiro SX2 RS features an all-new tread compound that delivers a step up in performance in dry and wet conditions.

“This new extreme performance tire incorporates proven technologies that have led to considerable success for our company on racetracks around the world. We’re anxious to see it shine in Formula DRIFT competition and deliver a real winner for our motorsports dealers who cater to the enthusiast market,” said Thomas Okihisa, Director of Marketing.

Features and benefits include:

• Race-inspired compound formulated for both the street and track.

• Advanced construction engineered to limit sidewall flex for predictable handling.

• Asymmetric tread design that delivers exhilarating driving performance for sports car enthusiasts.

• Extra-large dual shoulder blocks for improved cornering and grip.

• Wide center rib for stable handling and dependable traction and braking performance.

The Champiro SX2 RS is currently available for 18-inch rims in a W speed rating with additional sizes in the works.

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