Fury Offroad introduces new rugged terrain tire, the Country Hunter R/T

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Fury Offroad is introducing a new rugged terrain tire, the Fury Country Hunter R/T, that provides on the road comfort and off-road performance at the same time.

Designed rugged for any terrain, the Country Hunter R/T offers the perfect blend of excellent off-road traction, durable construction, and aggressive styling, with less on-road noise and a longer-lasting tread. The Country Hunter R/T tires are the perfect tire for lifted trucks and jeeps that want big, aggressive, and on the road comfort tires with less road noise.

The ability of the Country Hunter R/T to tackle dirt, sand, and rocks is due to the integrated stone and mud ejectors. This gives the R/T superior off-road traction, making it perfect for everyday use, while providing confidence off-road.


© Fury Offroad

High Turn Up, Three Ply construction delivers durability, impact resistant and excellent handling Variable Sipes add superior wet traction and increase off-road traction. Staggered shoulder blocks are designed for lateral grip in dirt, mud and snow. Additional features contributing to its durability and off-road performance includes the deep sipes design, which decreases hydroplaning, while increasing traction during wet conditions. The arched and segmented stone ejectors extend from the shoulder tread to aid in ejecting stones and debris from lodging between the tread elements, while maintaining its soft surface traction. Fury Tires are tested on and off-road daily, ensuring only the best make it to market. Fury Tires are aimed to provide the same intensity and passion you encounter on the uncharted intersection of everyday life. Initial launch sizes range from 17- to 28-inches in wheel diameter. The company plans to release additional sizes later in 2018.

Established in 2016, Fury Offroad is a new tire manufacturer that has entered the offroad tire market to bring innovation, quality, performance and superb customer service to the industry. The company focuses on developing niche sizes and innovating new offerings. The company offers a wide range of premium offroad tires from 17” – 28” for the offroad market.

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