Everything you need to know about the Firestone recall

Credit: Firestone

Everything you need to know about the Firestone recall

Bridgestone has recalled one size of its Firestone FS561 tire.

The voluntary safety recall is limited to FS561 tires in size 255/70R22.5 sold in the United States and Canada between April 2015 and January 2016 and only to tires installed in the trailer application.

All products in question were manufactured between February 2015 and January 27, 2016 (DOT weeks 0515 – 0416). No other FS561 sizes and applications are included in the recall.

It is estimated 36,000 tires are subject to the recall.

Why is the FS561 being recalled?

Bridgestone initiated the recall because it had received a higher than normal number of warranty adjustment returns for tread separation and detachments on the tires in the severe-service trailer application.

“The subject tires, when used in the severe-service trailer application, may experience scrubbing, which may result in an increased risk of a tread separation and/or detachment, which could contribute to a vehicle crash without warning,” Bridgestone said in a statement announcing the recall.

“These tires do not exhibit an increased risk for this condition in any other application or service condition. There are no known accidents or injuries.”

So what is Bridgestone doing about it?

Bridgestone says both it and its subsidiaries are communicating and working with regulatory agencies in the United States and Canada to recover the tires in line with local laws.

The companies are communicating with company-owned stores, authorized dealers and end-user customers to recover and replace any subject tires.

Bridgestone will replace FS561 tires installed in the trailer application, for free, with the FS560 Plus or comparable Bridgestone or Firestone brand tire.

“Consistent with the company’s longstanding commitment to safety, customer satisfaction and service, owners of tires subject to this recall are urged to contact their authorized Bridgestone and Firestone dealer or company-owned service center to arrange verification and replacement,” the company said.

Consumers can find their nearest authorized Bridgestone and Firestone dealer online.

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