Firestone Ag launches new line of premium Agriculture Tires

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Firestone Ag announced the launch of a new line of agriculture tires designed to deliver reliable and improved performance in the field.

Firestone Maxi Traction tires, now available in 15 sizes, offer farmers improved tread wear, traction in a variety of soil conditions and targeted load capacity to match application needs.

“Farmers today need tires that are as tough as the conditions and seasons they operate in,” said Tony Orlando, president, Firestone Ag. “Firestone Maxi Traction tires will help farmers get the most out of their equipment and lessen the toll taken on the fields during critical farming seasons.”

Features of Firestone Maxi Traction agriculture tires include:

  • A tread pattern designed for an improved wear rate and more even tread wear, which promotes longer tire life;
  • AD2 technology to help farmers carry heavier loads at the same pressure as standard agriculture tires, or the same loads at reduced inflation pressure, reducing fuel consumption and minimizing soil compaction;
  • R-1W tread depth and dual-angle tread pattern design for increased tread contact with the soil, improving traction compared to previous Firestone Ag tires with R-1 tread patterns.

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