Discount Tire share tire safety tips for National Tire Safety Week

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Discount Tire announced that its 1,000 stores in 35 states will offer complimentary tire safety checks for any driver, along with special promotions and rebates during the National Tire Safety Week on May 20-27.

The company is also sharing four tire safety tips every driver should know as the busy summer road trip season begins.

  • Check your tires – Summer’s heat can impact tire safety and performance. Check air pressure and tread depth at least once a month and before long trips.
  • Know their age – The older a tire, the higher its risk for failure. As a tire ages, the rubber becomes brittle, losing elasticity and strength. The age of your tire can be found by checking the DOT number stamped on its sidewall. Discount Tire recommends replacing any tire that’s six years old or older.
  • Check your trunk – Many new vehicles are replacing spare tires with tire inflation kits that include puncture-coating sealants and air compressors, or even run-flat tires. Check to see what your vehicle has and make sure you have a roadside-assistance plan.
  • Don’t overload – Before loading your vehicle for a road trip, check the manufacturer specifications for load-carrying capacity. Overloading has an impact similar to driving on underinflated tires.

“Summer is a crucial time for tire safety,” said Tom Williams, senior vice president of customer experience at Discount Tire. “The increase in temperature from the air and road surface can play a factor in overinflating your tires or even tire failures. It’s important to make sure your tires are ready to handle the extra miles you may travel while enjoying the warmer weather. We encourage all drivers to know how to properly check and maintain their tires, or to stop by one of our stores for help.”

During National Tire Safety Week, all Discount Tire locations dedicate a service bay to free tire-pressure checks. Drivers can have their tires checked quickly – typically in five minutes or less. In addition to free tire-safety checks, Discount Tire stores will be offering savings of 10 percent on new tire and wheel purchases on Friday and Saturday of National Tire Safety Week.

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