Cooper adds new winter tire in its Mastercraft tire range

© Cooper Tire

Cooper Tire’s newest addition to its Mastercraft line – the Mastercraft Glacier Trex is a winter tire designed for passenger cars and crossover vehicles.

The Mastercraft Glacier Trex is severe weather rated and offers superior braking and handling on snow and ice. The Glacier Trex is defined by its aggressive directional tread pattern that improves acceleration and braking on snow, while evacuating water to resist hydroplaning. The tire’s patented “snow groove” technology locks snow into the tread to capitalize on the traction received from snow on snow grip. The tire also features corrugated, multi-angled sipes to enhance grip and stability when turning corners. The Glacier Trex is studdable to allow for extreme traction on ice.

The Mastercraft Glacier Trex tire will be available to consumers in 35 passenger car and crossover vehicle sizes in August. Dealers may begin placing orders in the coming weeks

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