Continental SC20+ tire to come as original equipment for Toyota Traigo80

© Continental Tire

Continental announces that its solid tire SC20+ will comes as original equipment for Toyota Traigo80 electric forklift. The tire combines mileage with low energy consumption making it an ideal choice for electric forklifts.

“The decision to change the tire came in response to feedback from the market requesting more resilient and high durable tires for the electric counterbalance range,” says Giorgio Polonio, General Manager Toyota Material Handling Manufacturing Italy. “This applies in particular to the Traigo80 range as it is meant for more intensive applications indoors as well as outdoors”.


The service and maintenance costs as well as the energy consumption of forklift trucks equipped with SC20+ are lower. “The SC20+ merges the best of two worlds: Not only does it offer durability and mileage, it also saves valuable energy even on abrasive grounds,” says Julian Alexander, Product Line Manager Material Handling at Continental. Released just in January, the tire comes with a new compound that combines high mileage with low rolling resistance. It is hard-wearing and puncture resistant and particularly shines in highly intensive application indoors as well as outdoors on uneven surfaces such as paving slabs or cobble stone pavement.

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