Continental to present VF technology for Agricultural tires at Agritechnica

Continental Tires will present its new Very High Flexion (VF) technology for the TractorMaster and CombineMaster agricultural tires at this year’s Agritechnica Show.

The tires with VF specifications have highly flexible sidewalls which maintain the tire’s durability and directional stability at a high level in the event of reduced air pressure or high load. This is made possible through an optimized belt and bead geometry.

VF tires support farmers in their varied duties and allow them to save not only time and fuel, but also to avoid damaging compaction of the soil. Where an adjustment of the tire pressure was previously required for the different work steps, depending on whether the vehicle was loaded or empty, on the road or on the field, farmers can bypass time-consuming tire pressure adjustments using VF technology. Thanks to the highly increased flexibility, VF tires deliver constant carrying capacity at all speeds and allow the tire pressure to be reduced for the same performance relative to standard tires.

Consistent performance: from the road to the field

If a farmer wanted to spread fertilizer, for example, and drive quickly on the roads with a maximum load to their fields, a high tire pressure was needed. To prevent damaging soil compaction, they had to lower the tire pressure before driving onto the field. After spreading the fertilizer, the low tire pressure then impeded the farmer from driving quickly back to the yard. The new VF tires can provide the same pay load at 40 percent less tire pressure relative to standard tires. Alternatively, VF tires have a 40 percent higher pay load at top speed at the same tire pressure than standard tires. This saves farmers the hassle of adjusting the tire pressure and they can unlock the full potential of their tires: less soil compaction through an increase of the tread contact at lower tire pressure and full mileage performance and durability on the road despite lower tire inflation.

Three tires with the new technology

The new technology is available in three tires: VF TractorMaster Hybrid, VF TractorMaster and VF CombineMaster.

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