Continental expands construction tire portfolio with additional sizes

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Continental Tire expands its construction tire portfolio with new sizes of its Conti HSC 3 construction steer/all-position tire.

The Conti HSC 3 steer/all-position tire, Conti HDC 3 drive tire, and Conti HAC 3 all-position tire deliver key benefits for the on/off-road or mixed use application, including construction, cement, utility, emergency vehicles, forestry and logging. The company has continued to release additional sizes in the portfolio, concluding with the May 2021 addition of 12R22.5 and 12R24.5 sizes in the Conti HSC 3 steer/all-position tire. Matching retreads are also available with the ContiTread HSC 3 and ContiTread HDC 3.

The Conti HSC 3, now available in all major sizes, delivers significant benefits over its predecessor, including an estimated 11 percent mileage improvement and twice the resistance to cuts and chips versus the HSC1. The off-road belt package delivers improved penetration resistance. Built on Continental’s 3G casing for reduced heat build-up and improved retreadability, the tire also features a wider tread platform to increase mileage.

Fleet customer D.W. Cary Hauling has been pleased with the tire performance. “The Conti HSC 3 is doing really good,” said fleet manager Rick Lorenz. “We’re getting really good wear out of it. The drivers are happy with the traction it’s getting, and there’s no stone drilling. It’s doing great highway and off-road.”

The Conti HSC 3 answers demands from the market, including excellent on-road mileage, thick sidewall reinforcement, and stone ejectors in the tread pattern for self-cleaning to prevent stone drilling. As an intelligent tire, it is ready for Continental’s digital tire monitoring solutions to identify punctures and creeping air loss, helping avoid breakdowns in a time-critical industry.

The Conti HSC 3 has a 24/32” tread depth and is now available in all sizes: 11R22.5 LRH, 11R24.5 LRH, 315/80R22.5 LRL, 12R22.5 LRH, and 12R24.5 LRH. The tire is covered by a 6 year, 3 retread warranty.

Continental chose to pre-equip these tires with sensors due to the inherent benefits of tire monitoring in the on/off-road environment. The sensors have an expected lifetime of 6 years or 400,000 miles, minimizing disruptions to the tire program.

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