Chrysler gets green light on yellow light problem

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Chrysler gets green light on yellow light problem

Chrysler’s non-compliant orange warning lights on certain Fiat models have been given the go-ahead by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), meaning the company won’t have to recall thousands of vehicles.

Chrysler has won its fight over non-compliant low tire pressure warning lights, with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration agreeing that the lights do not affect motor vehicle safety.

What was the problem with the lights?

Chrysler’s tire pressure monitoring systems’ indicators, installed in almost 4,000 Fiat 500E vehicles, illuminate orange instead of yellow, which is required by Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

Chrysler petitioned the NHTSA, saying that while the affected vehicles may display an orange warning light rather than a yellow one, the driver received the same message that there was either significant tire under-inflation or a TPMS malfunction and there was no threat to safety.

The NHTSA agreed, granting the petition for a decision of “inconsequential noncompliance,” meaning Chrysler is now exempt from providing customers with notification of the issue and fixing it for free.

It also pointed out that the intent of a TPMS warning is to notify the driver of non-emergency safety issues that do not require immediate attention.

What do I need to know?

There are about 3,447 vehicles with orange warning lights — Fiat 500e models manufactured between March 21, 2013 and February 11, 2014 at Chrysler’s Toluca Assembly Plant.

The NHTSA is aware of the issue and has said there is no threat to driver safety. Chrysler has confirmed that it has corrected the non-compliant warning lights and all future production vehicles will comply with federal standards.

Your clients won’t have their vehicles recalled and the TPMS in those cars is safe, but maybe make them aware of the issue next time they come in for a tire change.

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