Centramatic launches continuous wheel balancer for Can-Am Spyder

© Centramatic

Centramatic announces the launch of the first dynamically continuous wheel balancer that allows Can-Am Spyder owners to achieve “perfect balance in their tires at all times.” They’re available now exclusively through Keystone Distributing at keystonedistributing.com.

“We all love getting the most out of things,” explains Robert Coolidge, President of Centramatic, “It’s no different with motorcycle tires. Our wheel balancers not only give the rider up to 50% more life on their tires, they also keep them perfectly balanced at all times. It’s a win/win.”

Centramatic’s mission is to, “help improve the overall riding experience,” says Coolidge, in the following key ways:

  • Increase tire life by 25% or more
  • Reduce road vibration
  • Increase stability and handling
  • Improve braking
  • Lower tire temperature by 10-15%
  • Reduce driver/passenger fatigue
  • Eliminate the need for wheel weights and other temporary measures.
Can-Am Spyder Wheel Balancers (PRNewsfoto/Centramatic)

Can-Am Spyder Wheel Balancers. | © Centramatic

Since 2009 Centramatic has delivered balancers to owners of Honda Goldwing, Harley Davidson, Victory and Indian motorcycles. Now they’ve added to their line with Can-Am balancers that fit all Spyder models. They are the perfect longterm solution to maintaining constant tire balance, eliminating the need for inferior lead weights and stop-gap solutions which become costly over time.

“Perhaps the single greatest result of a tire that is always balanced is a happy, fulfilled, smiling motorcyclist,” adds Jesse Rico, Operations Manager, “Understanding this drives us to create wheel balancers that are perfect for your bike.”


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