Camso introduces new bias tire solution for compact wheel loaders

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Camso introduces a new bias tire solution for compact wheel loaders, the Camso CWL 532 bias tire.

The ne bias tire offers dependable off-road performance and optimal traction for compact loaders operating on mixed and soft surfaces. It has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of compact wheel loaders in Japan, where these machines now constitute the third-most important segment of compact equipment in the construction industry.

The Camso CWL 532 offers superior puncture resistance while working on surfaces such as sand, dirt, and snow. The void guard tread protection provides more rubber to reduce the risk of impact-related puncture, while the tire’s impact guard and rim guard enhance sidewall and rim flange protection. The enhanced tread depth with curved lugs ensure traction and great durability.

Like all second-generation Camso tires, the CWL 532 features a stepped tread design to improve tire cleanout and traction in off-road conditions. The fact that sizes are marked on the tread on tread means that the tire can easily be identified while stocked in warehouses.

“The Camso CWL 532 is a versatile construction tire for compact wheel loaders that offers great off-road traction, especially when working on mixed and soft surfaces. Its tread pattern has been inspired by our skid steer loader tires to reduce vibrations and improve operator comfort,” explains Geuk Bae Kim, Product Manager (Asia) for Construction tires.

The Camso CWL 532 can be ordered through Camso’s dealer network throughout Japan and is offered in two dimensions: 12.5/70-16 (ply rating 6 or 8) and 15.5/60-18 (ply rating 8). For more information on this bias tire solution and our other construction products, please contact your local dealer.

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