Bridgestone share five tips to save money on gas this summer

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Bridgestone Retail is encouraging drivers to remember five tips to improve their vehicles’ fuel efficiency during the busy summer driving season. According to AAA, 41.4 million Americans will travel by automobile this Independence Day – the most ever recorded for the holiday.

With a historic number of Americans on the road, BSRO encourages drivers to:

Slow Down

Drivers should always pay attention to the speed limit. Fuel efficiency diminishes at speeds over 50 mph. The Department of Energy (DOE) estimates for every five mph over 50 mph, drivers spend an additional 19 cents per gallon.

Drive Diligently

Drivers should practice diligent driving habits for the well-being of themselves and others – and to conserve fuel. Aggressive driving, including rapid acceleration and hard braking, decreases highway gas mileage by up to 33% and city mileage by up to 5%, according to the DOE.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Regular vehicle maintenance can help identify problems that lead to wasted fuel. Many drivers are unaware that issues like worn spark plugs, dragging brakes and sagging belts can help lead to fuel inefficiency. Properly inflated and correctly aligned tires also help conserve fuel. In order to help drivers catch small problems before they turn to big repairs, Firestone Complete Auto Care offers free vehicle courtesy checks year-round.

Lighten the Load

Drivers should be aware of unnecessary items in their vehicle. According to the DOE, every 100 pounds added to a vehicle can cost drivers up to an additional 3 cents per gallon.

Install Fuel Efficient Tires

Investing in fuel efficient tires can increase the fuel efficiency of any vehicle. Engineered for low rolling resistance, the Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 Plus tire reduces fuel consumption by up to two gallons every month when compared to a conventional tire.

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