Here are the best tire brands for staying safe on the road

You spend a lot of time in your vehicle, ferrying yourself and your loved ones to and from varying locations. Safety should be the number one priority because lives are on the line. It is important to routinely check your tires, so you won’t experience a nasty blowout on the freeway. Moreover, aside from safety, tires have the capacity to influence car efficiency, performance, and traction. Tires cost a substantial amount of money, so it is important to do your research before changing your set. Here are the best tire brands for staying safe on the road:

Goodyear Tire

Goodyear is a tire brand that is synonymous to good quality all around the world. Having been around since 1898, their experience positions them above all the other tire companies. Goodyear tires offer more performance options, no matter the size. They manufacture tires for cars, light commercial trucks, bikes, farm equipment, SUVs, heavy-machinery, and even airplanes.

Compared to others in the market, this brand is a bit on the expensive side, but they offer quality tread-life and corresponding warranties that make them worth it because they last longer and perform better. Goodyear offers a 30 day road test, allowing consumers to return the tires if they don’t perform to expectations. These tires are easily accessible as they are sold in many Goodyear flagship stores, along with distributors and sub-distributor stations, around the globe. With the advent of technology, they have started selling online; and the best part is they provide free shipping directly to your local service station.

Cooper Tire

Cooper tires are considered to be of best value, standing out easily from the rest of the other brands. They cost significantly less per piece when compared with all the other established brands for sale in the market to date. Their sedan tires are priced at $73 per piece, which is at least thirty dollars cheaper than the other brands. The best part is, in spite of the low price, they do not compromise on the quality of their tires.

Each tire comes with tread-life warranties. This brand also offers a wide array of tires with varying sizes and more performance options to suit different needs. Most tire brands have 2 to 3 performance options, but Cooper is able to provide from 6 to as much as 15 (for their trucks). They also received an A grade rating on their products. Cooper is a great tire overall for those who are budget conscious.

Hankook Tire

This tire brand offers the best-tread life warranties. That being said, it is important to note that Hankook’s tread-life mileage warranties do differ depending on the size and model of the tire. Hankook is noted for having the highest mileage warranty offered in the market to date. On top of that, each tire offers above-average mileage wear and tear as opposed to other brands that have shorter stipulations. This indicates that Hankook tires are more durable and with better longevity.

If others offer their sedan tires at $102 per piece, Hankook sells theirs for only $82 per piece, which is a lot of money saved if you are buying a set of four tires.

There are many other brands available in the market, but these top 3 brands are currently the hottest ones. Tires are more that just cushions for your wheels. It’s a complex part with several factors that influence their structure and performance. Tire prices vary according to brand, size, and performance options, so do your research carefully. Afterwards, make sure that these tires are installed properly. You can have the best set of tires, but if your vehicle alignment is compromised, then your tires will just wear out faster.

Kevin Devoto is a freelance write who is passionate about automobiles and travel. When he is not traveling on a road trip, he can be found in his garage fixing up his old Mustang!

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