BCA releases VIN scanning app on iTunes, Google Play

Credit: BCA

BCA releases VIN scanning app on iTunes, Google Play

The U.S. auto industry has seen a number of vehicle identification number (VIN) scanning and part-finding apps launched in recent years, as the digital age revolutionizes the way we do business.

One of those VIN scanning apps is from Illinois-based BCA—a wheel hub assembly and bearing manufacturer with a 118-year history. BCA is owned by NTN Bearing Corporation.

BCA’s VIN Scan app—which the company has now released on both iTunes and Google Play—is designed to “accelerate and simplify” VIN searches. It allows technicians to use their smartphone’s camera to scan a VIN so the app can bring up the information required, including the correct parts for that vehicle and where to buy them. The app even provides training videos applicable to that vehicle. It is also possible to search by part number, year, make and model, universal type, or VIN number.

NTN executive vice president of sales and marketing, Paul Johnson, said VIN Scan was designed specifically for busy technicians who need to turn their bays over quickly.

“BCA VIN Scan gives technicians a tool they can easily access while in the garage to make quick decisions that support their business,” he said.

Credit: BCA

Credit: BCA

Alternative VIN scanning apps available in the U.S.

But while BCA might be the latest, it is far from the only app to be released onto the market in recent years.

In April Advance Professional released its VIN Scan app. Also available for iOS and Android, VIN Scan scans the VIN barcode, uploading the decoded information to a dealership’s existing Advance Professional account.

In late 2013 parts manufacturer Dayco released its own VIN scanning app which also uses a smartphone’s built-in camera to scan the barcode and give the user immediate access to a complete list of Dayco parts that match the vehicle’s year, make and model. The following year, the company added voice recognition to allow users to enter a VIN or license plate number by reading it aloud.

Pixo developed its VIN code-scanning app in 2011. Developed with researchers at the University of Illinois, it uses a unique algorithm to provide technicians with information.

Are you using a VIN scanning app in your dealership? Tell us which ones you like and why in the comments below.

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