Bartec USA announces latest TPMS tool software update

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Bartec USA anounce the release of their latest TPMS (tire-pressure monitoring system) software update.

According to Bartec’s Director of Sales Ed Jones, “Software update 62 for our range of TPMS tools adds significant coverage for Rite-Sensor, Model Year 2020 vehicles and increases our already industry leading OBDII capabilities.”

As with every software release, Bartec is continuously improving tool function and ability. Release 62 is no different, adding an improved charging algorithm to increase the number of sensor activations between tool charges as well as a utility to make setting up Wi-Fi connections even faster.

“The Tech400Pro connects directly to a wireless router, and no extra software is needed,” according to Bartec product specialist Matthew Hitchcock. “Updating the Tech400Pro is a true wireless process,” continued Hitchcock. Bartec is always looking for ways to improve user experience with their tools. Further, Bartec understands that a better working tool means more vehicles serviced and an improved bottom line for their service partners.

Also included in Release 62, is increased Tire Fill Alert [TFA] coverage for Nissan and Infiniti. “Bartec is a direct supplier to the OE manufacturers and as such, everything we do is measured against OE standards which includes our tools and sensors,” according to Bartec CEO Scot Holloway. “Our tools and sensors have to pass the same kinds of OE based testing that were developed by Bartec years ago when we helped Schrader launch the EZ-Sensor” Holloway continued. The addition of TFA coverage comes after passing such testing. Bartec believes that the combination of unique features and coverage with rigorous testing and validation, makes their Tool and Sensor solution the most desired in the industry. “RITE-SYNC® is a perfect example of how Bartec is making TPMS Service Easier and Faster, which translates into more sales opportunities for our many customers,” Holloway also added.

The Tech1000 is first and foremost a TPMS Tool. The Tech1000 offers a brand new user experience. A graphical touch screen will make TPMS diagnostics service easy and fast! More than anything however, the Tech1000 is a flexible and scalable solution! The Tech1000 is a truly wireless tool beginning with the way the tool is updated. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection and your tool will always be up to date with the latest and greatest coverage and sensor applications. Through the same connection, the Tech1000 will communicate with the Bartec Service Center.

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