Atturo Tire expands muscle car offering with its first Drag Radial Tire

Atturo Tire announced the expansion into the American Muscle car market with the ‘AZ850DR’, the company’s first Drag Radial tire.

This all-new tire features a brand-new directional design with an Extra Wide Shoulder Tread, Large Center Contact Strip and Ultra Sticky Compound. The DOT Compliant AZ850DR is engineered to complement Atturo’s current AZ850 as a rear tire on staggered fitments for popular vehicles such as the Dodge Challenger and Charger, Ford Mustang, and Chevy Camaro. The AZ850DR will have one of the largest shoulder tread sections on the market. This is the critical area of the tire to optimize grip at launch. The center tread channel takes over to maintain straight line stability through the run. The specially formulated tread compound provides superior grip for the street and strip.

“From the beginning, the Atturo brand has always been about three things,” said Atturo Tire President, Michael Mathis, “First, it’s about performance. Whatever market we’re in we want to make sure that our products perform the best. Second, we cater towards enthusiast markets. We look for segments where people really love their vehicles and want to do exciting things with their tires. And third, we focus on delivering value.”

“People who own muscle cars, whether it’s a Challenger, Charger, Mustang or Camaro, are enthusiasts about their vehicle,” Mathis explains. “One thing they loved about Atturo is that we were delivering great value compared to the overpriced original equipment tires that they normally had on their vehicles. And we found the muscle car market to be like the Jeep segment – both are full of enthusiasts who love their vehicle and are highly likely to modify it.”

Atturo is releasing initial size ranges for the AZ850DR lineup in 18, 19, and 20-inch rim sizes, that complement the current AZ850 in staggered fitments.

  • 315/40R18
  • 305/30R19
  • 285/35R19
  • 285/30R20
  • 305/30R20
  • 315/30R20
  • 335/30R20
  • 305/35R20
  • 315/35R20
    275/40R20The AZ850DR will enter production in early 2022 and reach dealers in time for spring drag racing.

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