Anyline Announces Partnership With Treads To Simplify Car Maintenance With Advanced AI Technology

Anyline, a global leader in mobile data capture and data insights, today announced its partnership with Treads, an AI-powered car management subscription, to offer its car owners more mobile data capture and analytic features within the Treads mobile app.

Treads launched in May 2021 to simplify car ownership and has since expanded into 21 major United States markets with over 4,000 customers offering subscriptions for tires, oil changes, alignments and wiper blades as well as a full auto insurance marketplace.  As the company expands its capabilities and size, Treads sought a solution where car owners could easily and independently verify their actual tire tread depth or the life left in their tires, leading to its partnership with Anyline and deploying the Anyline Tread Depth Scanner. This partnership expands its capabilities, further protects car owners from surprise expenses and lowers the cost of entry for owning and driving a vehicle.

Anyline Tread Depth Scanner is cutting-edge technology that no one else has delivered to the market in a reliable way,” said Zach Olson, CEO of Treads. “We’ve seen rapid growth as a company and attribute it all to our AI technology-first approach. Our partnership with Anyline is a natural progression and strengthens our technology toolkit to make the car ownership journey frictionless.”

Using state-of-the-art AI and computer vision,  Anyline Tread Depth Scanner solution makes it easy to accurately measure tire tread depth – using any mobile device. The Anyline Tread Depth Scanner can be integrated into workforce or consumer-facing apps via an API. With Anyline’s Tread Depth Scanner, Treads can ensure its customers are always driving on a safe set of tires.

“I am incredibly proud and excited to welcome Treads into our growing family of valued partners,” said Lukas Kinigadner, CEO and co-founder at Anyline. “Treads’ subscription model aims to smooth out the cost of maintaining a vehicle, making them a perfect match for us as a partner. Together, we’re driving innovation, enhancing safety and revolutionizing the automotive industry.”

The Anyline Tread Depth Scanner is currently live on Treads’ mobile app for car owners using both iOS and Android interfaces. Anyline and Treads will further deploy the former’s suite of automotive scan tools in the following months. For more on the partnership, read this extended article and listen to a podcast with Treads’ CEO.

Download the Treads application from the Apple App Store or Google Play for Android users.

About Treads

Treads is an AI-powered car management subscription designed to make car ownership more enjoyable by eliminating the hassle of car maintenance while making the roads safer for everyone. Treads has users covered for tires, alignments, oil changes, wiper blades, and even auto insurance. The company has raised a total of $4.6 million from Mucker Capital, Kickstart Seed Fund, Peak Ventures, Royal Street Ventures, and Convoi Ventures.

About Anyline 

Founded in Vienna in 2013, Anyline has established itself as a global leader in mobile data capture and data insights. Using the latest, most innovative artificial intelligence and machine learning approaches, Anyline gives businesses the power to read, measure and interpret visual information with any mobile device.

Anyline is used by frontline workers at leading automotive and tire manufacturers and retailers to quickly and accurately scan tire sidewall, tread depth and vehicle data, including tire DOT codes, vehicle identification numbers (VINs), license plates and barcodes, using any standard mobile device or camera-enabled automotive diagnostic devices.

Anyline helps businesses to move away from costly, tedious manual processes and instead, make them easy, fast and convenient for everyone, from the end user to the front-line worker.  Anyline’s mobile data capture technology is CCPA/GDPR compliant, ensuring that all data collected is processed and stored securely. Anyline is trusted by household brands such as PepsiCo, Discount Tire and IBM, as well as national governments and the United Nations. For more information, visit

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