9 High Paying Truck Driver Jobs in 2022

A career in the trucking industry can be stressful and exhausting. However, the salary is excellent. Especially if you try long-haul routes or work with special loads. The industry offers many types of cdl driver jobs, so you can choose the one that aligns with your life path. His post shares the highest paying truck driver jobs in 2022. Make sure to go through them all and make an intelligent choice.

High-paying jobs in the trucking industry

As the responsibilities differ, the salary will also vary across various positions. The jobs that require experience, skills, and additional training bring more money than dry freight drivers, for example. High-paying jobs involve higher risks so that they will get a higher salary. Also, they have more liability. On the other hand, this type of job will require additional training and a clean record. The US trucking industry is currently experiencing a shortage of drivers. For you, this means a stable job that you can rely on. 

If you wish to land a job within the industry, you need to put effort into finding it. You can locate your nearest trucking companies and check the possibilities they offer. 

Private fleet

Some companies don’t use the services of trucking companies. Due to the volume of transporting goods, they find it more feasible to establish a private fleet. A good example of this is Walmart. They have a private fleet and pay excellent wages to their drivers. But also, they have rigorous requirements for hiring. Drivers need to have a clear driving record and a clear criminal check.

Ice road trucking

Driving a truck over ice roads is challenging and involves risk. Therefore it is one of the high-paying truck driving jobs. The reality show made this position very popular, so getting to one is tricky. 

Liquid hauling

Transporting hazardous goods is another risky but well-paid job. The driver will adhere to strict regulations and ensure the dangerous materials reach their final destination safely. 

Car haulers

Transporting specialty cars is a high-paying job that requires attention to detail. The driver will ensure the expensive vehicles reach their destination in an enclosed container. 

Team driving

Team driving can be pretty exhausting for the drivers. Even though they have a schedule that looks good, sometimes it is impossible to meet it. The work is quite stressful, and the drivers often face fatigue. Due to this, team driving is a well-paid job in the industry. However, there is one thing to keep in mind. The severe weather and delays can postpone the work and result in less pay.

However, there is one advantage. The driver can team up with their spouse and take a fantastic adventure together. When the spouse is a driver, this is possible. 

Owner operator

You don’t need to drive a truck if you wish to enter this industry, as there are jobs that don’t require it. An owner operator is an excellent example of this. You can have your own business or be an operator leased to a specific company. Either way, this job is associated with the risks of managing your fleet. 

Final thoughts

The trucking industry offers vast opportunities for the ones looking to change careers and earn excellently. Of course, most of these jobs are associated with higher risks. However, experienced and well-trained drivers will handle the challenges and secure their salaries. Given the current shortage of truck drivers across the US, this is a fruitful career to consider. 


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