6 steps to convert a website visitor into a customer

6 steps to convert a website visitor into a customer

Your company’s tire and wheel website can be your greatest sales and marketing tool, if implemented properly.

Many people and organizations believe that once a new site is launched, their work is complete and the site should then begin bringing them hundreds of leads and orders. In actuality, launching a website is just the beginning.

Launching a new website is the equivalent of hiring a new salesperson. In the case of a new hire, your organization will likely provide training and then measure performance over time to ensure maximum return on investment. Similarly, a high-performing website needs regular attention, nurturing and performance measurement.

Having said that, there are still several techniques your auto business can employ on your ecommerce website to ensure good performance at launch. The goal of such techniques should be to improve these three things:

• Website conversion

• Google search result rankings, and

• Customer retention.

Here are six simple tips to enhance your auto shop’s website:

Provide informative content

Highlighting your knowledge and expertise can help website visitors trust your company as an authority in the auto and tire industry. An educated customer is most likely to be a purchasing customer because you have provided them with all the information they would need and want to know. For example: on each service page try to include some (or even all) of the following elements:

• The benefits of the service

• Signs that a vehicle needs the service

• An explanation of how the process works

Highlight what differentiates you from your competition

Does your auto repair shop offer any special amenities or warranties? Have you earned any special recognitions or awards? These accolades are a great way to boost your brand, build trust and encourage prospective customers to do business with you.

Highlight 1    Highlight 2    Highlight 3

Create a blog

Sharing tips, advice and interesting information can help create trust with perspective customers. Each blog you write is also an opportunity for your website to show up in search engine results and drive traffic.

We recommend brainstorming a variety of automotive related topics (here’s a freebie: 7 tips to prepare your vehicle for the winter months) and create a calendar of when they will be written and posted. This methodology will allow you to remain consistent with your writing and publishing as that is one of the most important criteria with the blog strategy.

Use Google Analytics

You should monitor the behavior of your website visitors to see what’s working and where adjustments need to be made. Google Analytics is free and simple to set up if your website isn’t already connected. Website analytics can provide you with the following information:

• How much traffic you are getting

• Where your traffic is coming from

• How much time people spend on a page

• Type of visitors that are coming to your website (age, location, etc.)

• Tracking of conversions

It is important that you measure and track this information on a regular basis (we recommend monthly) to identify opportunities and trends.

Add video

Video views are growing at an exponential rate each year because users are finding video content more engaging than the traditional methods. Videos are a great way to connect with website visitors in a more personal way.

Given the sophistication of current smartphones, anyone can be a good videographer. Shooting some videos for your company’s website couldn’t be easier or more affordable. We recommend that you consider creating a “welcome” video, have a customer give a positive testimonial, and highlight the hard work of one of your technicians as part of your video strategy.

Make a strong call to action

The call to action, or CTA, is one of the most important parts of your website. A great CTA can improve your conversion rates and ultimately help your website achieve its defined objectives by directing visitors to make a desired action.

You have a visitor on your website; they’re interested; now what do you want them to do? To design a strong CTA, find an accent or contrasting color. Your call to action needs to be short and simple, for example:

CTA1    CTA2

Consider your website as a 24/7 salesman. It has the potential to be your most powerful asset and the centerpiece of your marketing efforts.

Taran Sodhi is chief executive of Conceptual Minds — a company that specializes in email marketing for tire and auto shops and other auto service providers. He can be contacted through the Conceptual Minds website or by calling 877-524-7696.

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