Petlas Launches IND-40 Tire for Skid Steers, Offering Unmatched Performance in Tough Environments Petlas proudly introduces the IND-40 —a meticulously designed tire line crafted for skid steers, aimed at enhancing performance in scrap yards, recycling facilities, and mining applications. The IND-40 series, available in two sizes—10-
16.5 /138A3, and 12-16.5 / 147A3— embodies Petlas’s unwavering focus on delivering reliable and efficient solutions.

Engineered for resilience, the IND-40 not only meets but thrives in the toughest conditions, delivering unmatched performance in rugged environments.

Wide Center Blocks: Exceptional durability and maneuverability, especially during precise turns.

Quick maneuvers: Effortlessly navigate tight spaces with the confidence of superior control.

Reliable Performance: Trust in the durability that stands up to the toughest conditions.

Directional Traction Design: A tread pattern composed of large blocks for unmatched traction.

Robust Carcass Construction: Enhanced puncture resistance for sustained performance.

Specialized Tread Compound: Excellent resistance against cuts, chunking, and wear.

Petlas maintains a commitment to tire enhancement, and the IND-40 mirrors dedication to delivering effective solutions for the diverse needs of vehicles. With Petlas, your choice extends beyond a tire; it signifies a partnership focused on enhancing productivity and ensuring reliability in your operations.

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