Here’s why your website needs a video

Welcome to Freedman Auto Service (video)

Here’s why your tire shop website needs a video

If you’re looking to bring more people through the door, a great way to connect with potential customers and build your business is by adding a video to your website.

With a survey last year finding 51 percent of people aged 18 to 44 watched videos on the internet as part of their automotive service research, and a third of those went on to book a service or visit an auto repair center, video marketing makes a whole lot of sense. Videos showing your business, team, products and services can help you engage with your customers, establish trust and promote your company.

Why adding a video is a good idea

Video content on the internet is hugely popular — and we’re not just talking about cat videos. Consumers love videos and are happy to watch branded videos posted by companies. So much, in fact, that 84 percent of consumers have “liked” a company video that has appeared in their social media feed and more than half have watched company videos they’ve received via email. Nearly half of all consumers have shared a company video on their own social media profile.

Video marketing resonates with consumers and it improves their perception of a brand, company or service center. Two-thirds of them say companies that use video know how to reach their customers, and more than half think if a company has a website, it should have video.

What video does

Video marketing allows a business to connect with its customers on a personal level. It gives you the opportunity to showcase your store, the people who work there, the services you offer and your work culture.

Also, whereas only 14 percent of consumers remember the last display ad they’ve seen, 80 percent can recall the video ads they’ve watched online in the last week.

“Online video marketing in recent years has been tremendous,” said Brad Jefferson, chief executive of video-making company Animoto. “Today’s tools and platforms ensure that small and medium businesses can reach their audiences where they hang out online. This represents one of the biggest marketing opportunities for small businesses in a long time.”

What kind of video should I make?

Consider what you’d like to tell your customers, the services you provide, and the best way to show them. An introductory video to your business is the best place to start. Tell people who you are, why you are the best and what they can expect from your business, and give them a look behind the scenes. This Welcome to Freedman Auto Service web video is a great example.

According to Google, searches for how-to videos on YouTube have increased 70 percent over 2015. The Building Trust and Loyalty with Drivers report shows that one in three people who watch an automotive video are watching do-it-yourself instructional material.

So show your customers what you do and how it works or offer them short videos by your company on basic automotive maintenance. Think about your customers’ most frequently asked questions and see if you can answer them on film.

Check out Pawlik Automotive’s car maintenance video:

And Eagle Equipment’s changing a tire tutorial:

Notice Eagle Equipment’s video has a real homemade feel to it. You don’t necessarily need to make an expensive video. This one has had more than 70,000 views, so it’s certainly a success. But, how do you get video right?

Hints for getting it right

Don’t be afraid to show personality, but remember to keep it professional when talking about your business. You don’t need to hire actors—it’s a web video, not an advert, so choose someone (or several people) from your business who are natural and can talk well on camera. After all, it’s your business and your staff the customers want to know about.

Video marketing doesn’t need to be expensive; with a little time and effort you can create great video content yourself. If you have a Mac computer, you’ll already have the iMovie editing program. Microsoft has Windows Movie Maker free editing suite software, while sites like Animoto offer an easy-to-use online self-editing service.

Share your videos on social media as well as your website. This way you are reaching many more people and that will help drive them to your site for more information or to schedule a service. The trick to online video content is to be yourself and to make sure you’re giving the customers what you are promising them.

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