Vipal Machinery expands its retreading equipment business in the U.S.

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Vipal Machinery, Vipal Rubber‘s unit responsible for developing tire retreading equipment expands its American market. Four major North American retreaders acquired five pieces of machinery this year from Vipal Machinery´s portfolio.

Recently, Pete’s Road Services plant in Corona, California, a traditional and renowned tire retreading company, installed a VR01 Smart Duo buffer from the Vipal brand. The equipment removes the tread from a used tire in the buffing process very quickly and precisely. Kyle Fletcher, Pete’s Owner, says he decided to buy the machine because he knows about its cost-benefit, in addition to knowing that he can count on the services and technical support that Vipal offers. “We have already had a very good experience with Vipal in the supply of pre-cured treads and now we are also betting on their equipment, which should give us significant quality gains to be seen by what this machine we have acquired provides us”, Noe Lara, Pete’s operational manager states.

Gabriel Fuma, Commercial Manager at Vipal NAFTA, celebrates the success that Vipal´s machinery has in the United States market: “we entered in the best way possible, with first-rate customers like Pete’s, who are constantly focused on delivering quality and value to their users. So, to be the partner chosen by a customer of this level is always very satisfying”. This new business between Vipal and the Californian retreader undoubtedly symbolizes an excellent opportunity for growth in the largest tire retreading market in the world. Considering the quality of Vipal’s products and services, this path will be well traveled. “We know that our equipment is the one that most adds value in this market”, the Manager of Vipal concludes.

The same buffer was also ordered by another major retreader, Retread Solutions, in North Carolina, recognized across the country. However, Retread Solutions went even further and acquired yet another piece of equipment from Vipal Machinery: a VOC 760 Cargo. Geared towards applying cushion gum in the cargo tire retreading process and seeks to optimize the demands of retreaders at a low cost. Two more of the VOC 760 Cargowere also marketed to US customers in 2020: to Jewell Tire Center, in Oxford, Maine, in August, and Purcell Tires and Service Center, at its Portland, Oregon facility where Vipal´s technician team will install it.

“We have very good prospects. This market went several years without any growth expectations, but after the increase in tax on Chinese tires and a healthy economy, the segment started to return to a path of growth”, Fuma explains. “Retreaders in general are optimistic about the future of retreading and, with that, plans for investing in equipment and in the modernization of their factories have been renewed”, he concludes.

“Undoubtedly, having equipment that delivers the most value in this market is very promising, especially considering the size of these buyers, who are some of the largest retreaders in the United States”, Fuma commemorates.

The Director of International Business at Vipal Rubber, Leandro Rigon, stresses the importance of conquering a competitive market like North America. “Tire retreading in the United States is a reference for everyone in this sector, as it is the largest volume and where the biggest players are. In addition, one of Vipal´s main product export destinations is the United States, where it also has Distribution Centers in strategic locations in the country. In this context, our own manufactured machines entering North American soil symbolizes a new step that we are taking”, Rigon says. “Vipal Machinery employs all the technical and technological capacity in its engineering that Vipal Rubber has gathered throughout its over 47 years. Thus, we will continue to invest in expanding our equipment and business portfolio in the global market”, Rigon adds.

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