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US approves Autonomous Vehicle Legislation

cockpit of autonomous car. a vehicle running self driving mode and a woman driver reading book.

The U.S. House of Representatives passed legislation on September 6 to advance the introduction of autonomous vehicles on the nation’s roads.

Autonomous vehicles are the next defining chapter for the automotive industry. Recognizing the transformational nature of autonomous vehicle technology, the House legislation seeks to balance innovation and safeguards.

The House bill, HR 3388, will permit an increase in the number of autonomous vehicles that may be deployed and prohibit states from enacting rules that conflict with federal standards.

Meanwhile, Senate Commerce, Science, & Transportation Chairman John Thune (R-SD), along with ranking minority member Bill Nelson (D-FL) and Sen. Gary Peters (D-MI), are drafting the Senate’s proposal for regulating autonomous vehicles. In June, the trio circulated a set of guiding principles with an emphasis on safety, innovation, and the differing roles of state and federal government. Senate bill text is not yet available.

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