World’s first “green” OTR tire recycling announced

World first “green” OTR tire recycling announced

At its best, recycling tires is an inexact science. Time-consuming, energy intensive and costly, the current process requires up to six stages before recycling even starts. A new company, Tytec Recycling, plans to change that with a single-step process that’s environmentally friendly and suitable for even the largest OTR tires.

Award-winning innovation developed in Australia turns OTR tires into reclaimed steel, diesel oil and carbon in one step. Tytec Recycling, in collaboration with Green Distillation Technologies Corporation (GDTC), is providing the first “green” recycling solution in the world for off the road tires.

Brett Fennell, Chairman of Tytec Recycling, says it’s a market currently underserviced.

“There are plenty of ways to break car tires down, but there hasn’t been a good way to dispose of OTR tires,” he says.

“Using the GDTC technology, I believe we finally have an easy way to manage earthmover tires and it’s better for the environment, too.”

Whole OTR tires go into destruction distillation reactors and leave in the form of high-quality steel, oil, and carbon. No cutting, shredding, or grinding of the tires is necessary prior to recycling.

The reactors are engineered to capture and reuse excess oil and heat generated during the distillation process. This allows the process to use less energy, resulting in extremely low emissions.

“The Distillation Reactors with their continuous heating perform an amazing job of turning OTR tires into reclaimed steel, oil and carbon,” Fennell says.

“We want to make sure every OTR tire is recycled. This solves a major environmental problem for the mining and agriculture sectors around the world.”

Low emissions and safer work conditions

The reactors operate under lower temperatures and pressure, reducing the amount of energy required for the recycling operation. Because of this, the plant is safer for system operators and increases the longevity of the equipment.

GDTC was awarded a Bronze Medal in the 2015 Edison Awards for the Resource Management or Renewable Resources category for the completely emission-free process. The GDTC technology recovers up to 85% of unused energy in old tires without any pre-processing required.

Tytec Recycling meets or exceeds EEA, EPA and DER standards and approvals for emissions.

Tytec Recycling will be at MINExpo 2016 in Las Vegas to showcase the process and explore potential opportunities to expand the company to other locations around the globe. Plan to visit them at Main Hall booth 7209.

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