Trucker-Friendly Casinos (With Semi Truck Parking)

Not everyone who visits Las Vegas is on vacation. In fact, Las Vegas is just as popular for people who are passing through as it is for those who come for longer stays. Truck drivers commonly stop in Sin City during their breaks, but finding parking for a semi-truck is not always simple. Fortunately, there are certain casinos on or near the Vegas Strip that can accept semi-trucks and offer premium-level entertainment just like top Australian online casinos do. Let us share with you a list of trucker-friendly Las Vegas casinos that will make your stay in the Cin City fun.

#1 – Wild Wild West Las Vegas

The Wild Wild West is near the Las Vegas Strip and is an excellent choice if you are seeking low-cost accommodation at the adjacent Days Inn. With a less active and congested gambling floor, this casino emphasizes convenience and customer comfort. To park a semi-truck to play at Wild Wild West, simply pick a place in the vast parking lot at Days Inn. Perhaps most importantly, this casino features a truck stop located behind the hotel (Wild Wild West Truck Plaza). If you do not wish to stay at the hotel, there is plenty of space here to park your truck overnight.

To get to Wild Wild West from I-15, remain in the right lane until you reach the 37th exit, then turn left onto West Tropicana Avenue. Once you see Days Inn and Wild Wild West, make a left. If you are only visiting the casino, parking is free. If you want to remain overnight, contact the Days Inn to get a room or inquire if you may keep your vehicle parked in the lot overnight.

#2 – The Orleans Hotel and Casino

The Orleans is also quite close to the Las Vegas Strip and has the finest semi-truck parking possibilities thus far. Parking your semi-truck at this casino is simple thanks to the large parking spaces around the hotel or the Orleans Arena, which serves as the resort’s entertainment venue. Because of the length of its parking lots, this casino also features a considerably more accommodating parking space. Parking is free as long as you use the casino.

The routes to Orleans Casino from I-15 are largely the same as those to Wild Wild West. After exiting at West Tropicana Avenue, travel northward until you reach South Rogers Street, turn right, and the casino will be on the left.

#3 – Gold Coast Hotel and Casino

The parking choices at Gold Coast are mainly comparable to those at the Orleans Hotel & Casino. Again, this casino is a wonderful alternative because of the large parking lot, which has more than enough space to park your big truck. Both the casino and the hotel have outdoor entrances, resulting in two parking lots.

Parking is also free at this casino, so if you don’t want to stay the night, a few fast games would suffice. To get to Gold Coast from I-15, then take the 38th A exit and go to West Flamingo Road and turn right into Gold Coast Road; the casino is on the left.

#4 – Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino

The Rio All-Suite is a Caesars Entertainment Group property and the only one with free parking among the group’s Las Vegas resorts. Semi-truck parking is always available in the casino’s backlot, which is ideal whether you want to play a few games or remain for an extended period of time. To access Rio All-Suites from I-15, the route is identical to the one for Gold Coast; just you need to take the first right onto Hotel Rio Drive in order to enter the parking lot for this casino. Park your truck at the far end of the lot.

#5 – Palace Station Hotel and Casino Las Vegas

At first glance, the Palace Station may not appear to have any acceptable parking alternatives for a semi-truck. Nevertheless, there is a vast lot next to the casino that is commonly utilized for truck parking. The parking is free. And if you only want to play a few games at a casino, the Palace Station casino is only a short walk away from where you’ve parked your vehicle.

This alternative is basically a matter of trial and error; however, truck drivers typically utilize the neighboring lot. To get to the Palace Station from I-15 southbound, take the 40th exit and enter onto West Sahara Avenue, turn left into King’s Way, and another left into the trucking lot next to the Palace Station’s parking garage.

#6 – Silverton Casino

The Silverton Casino is the second to last on this list, and it offers plenty of parking space –  either in its own lot or in the neighboring Bass Pro Shops parking lot next door. Again, parking is complimentary, and the Strip is not far away. For you to reach the Silverton Casino from I-15, take exit 33 to make a right on Blue Diamond Road, and make a left on Dean Martin Road. To be entertained on the road, you can always browse any Aussie casinos from the BestAuCasinosOnline lists and have lots of fun while heading to your target trucker-friendly casino in Las Vegas.

#7 – Sam’s Town Hotel & Gambling Hall

If you want to park your RV near a casino and don’t mind keeping away from the Strip, Sam’s Town Hotel & Gambling Hall in east Las Vegas is a good option. Sam’s offers a paved truck parking space directly across the street from the casino. Sam’s Town is a pleasant hotel complex featuring a huge casino and a variety of eateries, including a buffet. If your intended driving path takes you via Las Vegas on Interstate 15, Sam’s may be a little out of the way. However, if you don’t mind taking a slight detour, a stop at Sam’s Town on the junction of Nellis and Boulder Highway could be precisely what you’re looking for.

Final Say!

Parking a semi-truck close to the Las Vegas Strip is not as difficult as it may appear. The above casinos can support large rigs. Keep these gambling venues in mind when planning your next trip to Las Vegas since they provide the most convenience.

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