Trelleborg display smart farming solutions at Agritechnica 2017

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Trelleborg will showcase a number of key innovations at this year’s Agritechnica in Hanover, Germany.

Lorenzo Ciferri, VP of Marketing and Communications, explained: “Innovation and sustainability are at the heart of what we do. Digitalization and the increasing use of technology in farming operations are key trends which we have been supporting for some time now; what we are showcasing at Agritechnica is an evolution of that process.”

Trelleborg’s on stand experience will not just be limited to physical products. It will also feature the digital world of farming through a Virtual Reality experience and 3D Farm Simulator 17 for which Trelleborg is an official partner.

Ciferri continued: “The increased use of technology and the digitalization of agriculture is an incredibly important development for farming and Trelleborg is right at the forefront of this movement. The challenge, as always, is to produce more with less and to do so sustainably. Technology has a transformational effect on the ability to do this. We feel that there is no better way to show this than to bring it to life at Agritechnica.”

At the show, Trelleborg will showcase:

The ConnecTire smart wheel

Brand new from Trelleborg the ConnecTire is a sensor-based smart wheel which increases efficiency and productivity by reducing the risk of tire slippage on the rim. ConnecTire constantly monitors two key variables – tire pressure and temperature – which it relays to both tractor and farm mainframes via Bluetooth and wireless connectivity. Operators set their target tire pressure and can then monitor how tire pressure deviates from that target and act accordingly. Should corrective action be required, ConnecTire automatically sends an alert via its App, ensuring minimum disruption and maximum machine safety.

ConnecTire-HR (1)

The ConnecTire smart wheel

The VIP (Variable Inflation Pressure)

system is a smart solution capable of self-adjusting the tire pressure of a combine harvester during use. Responding to the precise load it optimizes tire footprint, thereby reducing soil compaction. The VIP systems was awarded a Gold Medal at the 2017 SIMA innovation awards and will be presented via live on stand live demonstration throughout the exhibition.


is a new generation of agricultural innovative tires that combines the advantages of a radial agricultural tire with the benefits of a track. It delivers unbeatable performance on both steep slopes and muddy terrain, reducing downtime to zero in demanding conditions. On stand Trelleborg will exhibit the 480/65T28 size.



The VF750/70R44

a new size in the TM1060 range, is designed with the latest generation of tractors in mind using ProgressiveTractionTM technology. This new size, exclusive to Trelleborg, means the TM1060 range is now available for tractors over 400 horsepower and can be used with narrower rims, improving tractor efficiency. In addition, the tire is able to work at a higher torque and provides a wider footprint, increasing traction. It also delivers a load capacity of up to 40 per cent more than any other premium product in the market.



The YourTire personalization service

is demonstrated on stand on an IF900/65R46 TM1000 High Power tire. YourTire is an online service that allows farming professionals to personalize their tires with either their name or logo.

The new IF 800/70R32 TM3000 VIP Ready

is designed using BlueTireTM Technology. For the latest generation of harvesters and combine machines, its tread pattern, along with its advanced carcass design, maximizes the load capacity of the tire at low inflation pressure. The TM3000 range protects soil and boosts crop yield, combining both sustainable and precision farming.

The new Trelleborg TH500

is a radial tire for the latest generation of telescopic handlers and backhoes operating on hard surfaces. The advanced TH500 radial tread-design along with its reinforced structure, delivers a longer tire life while ensuring high traction and premium self-cleaning properties.

Untitled design

Trelleborg TH500

“At Agritechnica 2017 visitors will see the very best of what Trelleborg has to offer,” concludes Ciferri. “From groundbreaking innovations to immersive digital experiences, we will be sharing our commitment and passion for agriculture; helping to produce more with less, sustainably”

Agritechnica runs from November 12 to 18 in Hannover, Germany.

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