Tire Safety Week an opportunity for big sales

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Tire Safety Week an opportunity for big sales

May 29 to June 4 is National Tire Safety Week, which presents tire dealers with an excellent opportunity to take care of their customers and increase tire sales.

Run by the Rubber Manufacturer’s Association, National Tire Safety Week is an initiative of RMA’s “Be Tire Smart, Play Your PART” — a year-round program designed to help drivers learn the simple steps they can take to ensure their tires are safe and in good working condition.

“National Tire Safety Week is all about reminding busy consumers of the importance of taking good care of their tires,” said RMA president and CEO Anne Forristall Luke. “Properly maintained tires have a proven, positive impact on safety, save consumers money and benefit the environment through greater fuel economy.”

The RMA, tire manufacturers and motoring organizations will all be promoting the event and educating motorists about proper tire care and maintenance, and tire dealers can easily leverage those bigger budgets to bring more customers through their own doors.

How can I leverage Tire Safety Week?

The RMA has lots of free resources on its Be Tire Smart website that you can use to ramp up your advertising around this time. It provides tire retailers, auto dealers and automotive repair shops with free “Be Tire Smart” brochures and other materials to link your business with the campaign.

You can take part in the nationwide effort to promote tire care through advertising, promotions, free tire pressure checks, and community and media outreach. It’s simple to incorporate tire safety information into your existing marketing, sales and customer service activities.

Help your customers with a friendly reminder to check their tires early and encourage them to schedule for a new set if their tires are starting to show signs of wear. Think about promotions, discounts and one of the best ideas — holding tire safety clinics. Here you can offer free tire pressure and tread checks, but also involve the customer by giving them helpful information on tire care.

The RMA’s website also has a checklist you can use,  which includes great tips like making it a habit to check tire pressure at least once a month and before every long trip and making sure to rotate tires every 5,000 to 8,000 miles for uniform wear and longer tire life. You can also show your customers where to find the correct tire pressure information for their car and how to use a penny to check if their tires need replacing.

Top tips for Tire Safety Marketing

Here are some great marketing ideas tire dealers can run over the next few weeks before National Tire Safety Week begins.

• Display posters and signs about Tire Safety Week and distribute tire safety brochures in your retail area.

• Email your database of tire customers with tire safety information and invite them to a tire clinic with the times and dates they can attend.

• Change your regular print or radio advertising to include a reminder for customers to check their tires during Tire Safety Week and invite them to a free tire clinic. Include any special offers you have on new tires.

• Offer incentives like free additional services or discount coupons to get customers through your door. Consider giving away free tire pressure gauges at your clinic.

• If motorists are coming into your store or workshop for other services, make them aware of Tire Safety Week and offer to check their tires.

• Run a social media campaign to associate your business with the safety program.

• Advertise that you are holding a competition or offering a door prize during your tire check clinics.

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