Dealers, get full data on over 12,000 tire patterns with TireLibrary

For a small monthly fee tire dealers can now search, view and analyze what is claimed to be the world’s largest and most extensive database of tires.

TireLibrary, a new product from E-Solution Professionals, allows dealers to find the most up-to-date information on any tire, from any manufacturer, at any time of day — including photos of the tires, specifications, videos, rebates, features and the benefits of each tire.

The database has details of more than 12,000 tire patterns and 400 tire makes. The library allows users to search tires and (soon) wheel data – by size, vehicle, brand, class, application and specification.


How it looks: An example of search result in TireLibrary.

Kevin Marley, managing director of E-Solution Professionals, said TireLibrary was the culmination of years of work — scouring web pages, getting data from catalogs and even, in some cases, looking at the tire itself to get the information required. The library will now be kept up-to-date daily by an expert team to ensure new tires are constantly being added as information about them is released.

“Building a library of data on tires is particularly hard,” he said. “There is no single accepted format or even a common source for information. You can see much of the complication in the way tires themselves are measured, for example — there is a mixture of imperial measurements, metric and percentages. Add to that the different constructions, classes and operating environments and building a library of products is quite daunting.”

But he said it was a challenge the team behind TireLibrary had risen to: “we don’t think there is anything like it in the industry,” he said.


An example of a product page in TireLibrary.

Dealers, get your own tire library with TireLibrary

TireLibrary project manager and software developer Chris Fabio said E-Solution’s ambition was to share TireLibrary’s data with anyone who is interested, so it is being made available in many various electronic formats.

“We understand that all major companies in the tire space need their own library and they must do all the same things we do to maintain their library,” he said. “In the end, we are all just spending a lot of money doing the same thing as each other. We are building the best library there is and we are happy to share the library and the cost with all companies so we can all benefit.”

Fabio said E-Solution had built the library with many different types of users in mind and anyone interested can log onto the site and search for tires and get the information they need.


TireLibrary has a lot of detail about more than 12,000 tire treads.

“If you are a web developer, there are different ways to get data you may integrate directly and get images, tech sheets and tech information. You may simply want to upload a spreadsheet and populate that sheet with the URL links.

“We even built a tool that allows a user to convert the part number they use in their software so it maps to the manufacturer’s part numbers.”


Full spec sheet information is available on the site.

Experienced team behind TireLibrary

Marley said TireLibrary was backed by an experienced team — including librarian Sue Grant. “I expect she knows more about tires than anyone else” he said.

E-Solution Professionals has several tire veterans among its owners, including two who started on the shop floor as tire installers and worked their way up through the industry.

To check out TireLibrary visit the website.


TireLibrary is designed to be a one-stop shop for information about every single tire.

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