Tire Agent and GoMobile Tires to launch new mobile installation service

Tire Agent and GoMobile Tires announced they have entered into a strategic relationship to launch mobile tire installation in multiple key markets starting in Q1 2022.

Tire Agent is changing the way people purchase and replace tires by making the experience for consumers and fleets affordable with flexible payment options. With GoMobile Tires, the companies are answering the market demand for at-home and on-site installation, turning a premium white-glove service into an affordable option for car owners nationwide.

The demand for mobile services in the automotive industry continues to grow at a rapid pace, with convenience at the forefront of most consumers’ purchasing decisions. Tire Agent is adding mobile to its expansive offerings to help propel its growth to the next level. The company’s year-over-year growth is already an impressive 440% from Y1-Y2 and 132% from Y2-Y3 with an overall growth of 1154% since 2018, proving continued strength in the tire and automotive retail landscape.

As a result of the relationship, customers will be able to purchase tires through and use GoMobile Tires for on-site mounting and balancing services through its franchisees in many cities throughout the United States.

“Tire Agent was founded on the belief that consumers should get the best experience from affordability down to convenience. Whether you’re a stay at home parent, an office worker with a packed schedule, or someone who is working an hourly job to put food on the table, most people don’t have time to waste or a big budget to play with,” said Jared Kugel, CEO and founder of Tire Agent.

The service is designed to fit most budgets with Tire Agent’s multitude of payment options, so car owners do not have to sacrifice safety, quality, and convenience. Customers can purchase tires with as little as no money down with weekly or bi-weekly payments.

“The mobile business has become part of the culture for many communities globally. The value proposition is high for customers, and the quality of GoMobile Tires service is world-class with innovative technical solutions,” said Derek Naidoo, CEO of GoMobile Tires. “Our team is excited to work with, and we look forward to opening up additional opportunities together.”

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