The Essential Road Trip Checklist

The road trip has once again become one of the top ways to see your beautiful country, and as a hangover from the recent pandemic, local tourism and travel are still drawing huge numbers. If you want to be part of these numbers making the most of this exciting type of vacation, here are 4 things that you need to ensure that you have prior to any road trip. It’s a simple checklist but will ensure that you have the basics to make any road trip a success.


There are great road trip soundtracks for good reason, and you can find a ready-made playlist to keep you company as you travel. Alternatively, you could make your own. For other activities to keep you entertained as a passenger or for when you stop to rest, you have options like reading or watching a movie. Playing online games is another popular option for road trippers.

Having a big win casino app or account for when you, as the passenger, need something to take your mind off the road is a fantastic example of the entertainment that any road trip planning must include. You never know when you may be waiting in traffic or need something to relax on a break from the drive. It’s in these instances that the mobile online casino will come into its own.

Great tires

The tires present the only 4 pieces of your vehicle that are in contact with the road surface at any given time. It is, therefore, of utmost importance that you keep your tires in the best condition that you can afford. Have the vehicle checked by a professional, and also ensure that you have a good spare tire on hand that you are familiar with changing and maintaining. The treads and tire condition should be checked at all the daily stops and whenever you have a break or fill up with gasoline. Many a road tripper notes in the various online forums and chat rooms that a small air compressor for adding to or reducing tire pressures can be a useful addition to the road trip toolbox.

A breakdown service/insurance

No one knows when their vehicle is going to break down, so you need to have all the requisite breakdown cover and insurance. Whether you are involved in an accident or have a mechanical breakdown, having the ability to call someone to support and come to your aid should be a number one consideration when planning a road trip of any considerable distance.

A map and a plan

The lure of simply driving wherever the urge or the road takes you can be a romantic notion, but it’s not really very sensible. You should definitely have a plan in mind. Having a set route in advance will allow you to plan the stops and also include areas of natural beauty that are on route. So, take a map.

These are the top 4 items that you need to have ticked off your road trip checklist before you leave. They may be simple, but unless you have thought them through and have some clarity in this regard, you may be in for some unnecessary stress and inconvenience.

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