Test World selected as official Partner for Studded tire tests

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Test World has been selected as the official partner of Traficom, the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency, to carry out assessments across the studded tire market.

Beginning this summer, the new agreement has been confirmed for three years. The primary objective of the partnership is to evaluate studded tires for the Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian markets. This involves testing for road wear to evaluate the conformity of each studded tire with type approval documents and previous test results.

Studded tire technology is important to ensure safety and vehicle performance under certain winter conditions. However, when the snow melts, road wear caused by studded winter tires can be significant, so this impact is tested to ensure the road wear is below an acceptable limit. With the signing of this new partnership, Test World will play a vital role in ensuring the optimum quality and performance of studded tires, as well as the safety of drivers in harsh, snowy and icy conditions across Finland, Sweden and Norway.

Jukka Antila, Technical Director at Test World said “As a pioneer in these services, Test World has been developing the road wear overrun test method for studded tires for many years. With such vast experience in this area, we are happy to help authorities test tires in the market and ensure that they comply with safety and performance regulations”.

“The agreement will result in systematic monitoring of the conformity of studded tires on the market every year,” says Mika Loponen, Senior Advisor of Traficom: “Effective control is an advantage for Finland as the requirements of studded tires affect not only traffic safety, but also road wear which has been under lively debate”.

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