USITC confirms tariffs on Indian & Sri Lankan OTR tires

It’s happening! The USITC has this week confirmed it believes the U.S. tire industry is being “materially injured” by imports of off-the-road tires from India and Sri Lanka, upholding a finding of the Department of Commerce.

As a result, some Indian OTR tire manufacturers (although, significantly, not BKT’s Balkrishna) will pay a 3.67 percent anti-dumping tariff.

BKT will pay countervailing duties of 5.36 percent though. Alliance Tires Pvt. Ltd. will pay 4.9 percent and all other Indian tire manufacturers will pay a 5.06 percent tariff.

Sri Lankan tire makers will pay countervailing duties of 2.18 percent.

The USITC and DOC found that tires are being sold in the United States at less than fair value and were being subsidized by the governments of India and Sri Lanka. The anti-dumping duty order on imports of these products from India and countervailing duty orders on imports of these products from India and Sri Lanka is designed to counter that.

Tires that entered the United States from these countries prior to June 20, 2016, will not be subject to retroactive countervailing duties.

The Commission’s public report will be out by March 16. After that date you’ll find it here:

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