SWT launches the new SWT Radial Non-Directional AgriStorm nD2 tire

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SWT Americas announces the release of the new SWT Radial Non-Directional AgriStorm nD2 tire.

Designed and built by Speedways Rubber Company, one of India’s AG and commercial tire manufacturers, introduces an industry first premium Double belted radial non directional Irrigation tire for the US market. The new design was developed with the input of multiple consumer clinics addressing the expectations of today’s American Farmers.

The American Farmer expects the tire not only to be cost competitive but also address soil compaction, oxidation, and field hazards. With this said, the AgriStorm nD2 with the industry’s first double belted irrigation radial design unparalleled premium performance in a non-directional radial.

The addition of a double belt increases durability from field hazards and increases stability. Soild compactionf is reduced by decreasing the footprint up to 60%. And the low air pressure design results in less field tracking and decreased field rutting.

German antioxidation wax technology results in longer service life and lower cost to operate. The advanced patent pending 880 degree tread design adapts to multiple terrains and field conditions with minimal soil disturbance and improve tread clean out.

SWT Americas is also the first to offer the Radial Non-Directional Irrigation tire in a private label and is currently working with a major irrigation manufacturer for an exclusive OEM tire offering.

The addition of the AgriStorm Non-Directional Radial Irrigation tire is complemented by the directional radial, non-directional and directional irrigation tires.

Gregg Hubbard, President of SWT Americas, LLC, expects the new tire to supplement Speedways Tire’s continued growth in North America that is currently tracking at a 30% YoY increase. For 2021, we are introducing over 11 new radial rears, 8 flotation tires, 5 R1 Grip King HD, I new E3 Rock Lug and various other tires. Speedways will continue to be an industry leader in market innovation to address the needs of the North American Market.

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