Sumitomo Rubber develops new ‘Nano Black’ sidewall design for tire logos

© Sumitomo Rubber

Sumitomo Rubber announced that it has develop “Nano Black,” a new design technique for deeper black coloring to improve the visibility of lettering, logos and patterns imprinted on the sidewalls of tires.

This newly developed technique involves adding extremely fine ridges to the sidewall surface in order to inhibit the reflection of light, thereby producing a deeper shade of black than conventional hues.

With this new technique, the company says it aims to improve the visibility of brand logos, trade names and other markings on tire sidewalls while at the same time giving tires a more luxurious overall design aesthetic as part of ongoing efforts to make more appealing products.

The more times that light strikes a light-absorbing surface, the more light is ultimately absorbed, resulting in deeper, darker shades of black. “Nano Black” incorporates a novel design that takes full advantage of this principle by adding fine ridges to the surface of a tire sidewall in order to maximize the light-absorbing surface area per unit of sidewall area. Thanks to this innovation, logos and other sidewall markings appear distinct, vivid black when viewed from any angle.

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