STTC and Oliver Rubber join forces in New Jersey

STTC has opened a new Oliver Rubber retread facility in New Jersey. | Image Credit: STTC

STTC and Oliver Rubber join forces in New Jersey

Service Truck Tire Centers has opened a new Oliver Rubber retread facility in Millville, New Jersey, adding intermodal tires to its repertoire of retreading offerings.

“STTC has a long track record of helping commercial truck owner-operators minimize downtime and control costs while keeping their vehicles running at peak performance, an approach that aligns well with the Oliver brand,” said Oliver Rubber vice president and director of sales Scott Murray.

The Oliver North American dealer network spans more than 100 retread shops, while STTC has over 40 locations, employs more than 800 people and produces more than 1,200 retreads every day. The new Oliver Rubber facility can produce 150 retreads per day in one extended shift but could expand to 300 per day by adding another shift.

A move aimed at targeting new customers

STTC chairman Walter J. Dealtrey said by opening the Oliver Rubber facility, STTC could target new customers not serviced by the Michelin retread process (MRT) the company currently offers.

“With the addition of the Oliver product line, STTC is positioned to provide the right tread for any type of customer or government entity,” he said. “MRT is the industry’s best retread process but there are business segments that don’t necessarily need or want to pay for the MRT performance.

“There are also tread applications available from Oliver that we could not obtain from MRT; if customers need certain treads that we can’t provide with MRT then we will be able to fully service all of their retread needs.

“Intermodal companies realize the importance of having quality retreads to minimize their tire-related downtime. For us, Oliver will fill that need.”

STTC’s history of growth and diversification

A family-owned company, STTC recently celebrated 60 years in business and has a reputation for clever expansion and diversification. It recently acquired All Time Tire and its range of service offerings includes world-class new tires and retreads, preventative tire maintenance programs, Road Assist — a 24/7/365 nationwide emergency road service — and a vehicle maintenance division, earthmover tire services and wheel refinishing.

In the last 30 years, STTC has added, on average, one new location every year. Dealtrey said he envisages the company will continue in the same vein, with slow, steady growth through various acquisitions within its current footprint. While STTC has no current plans to open more Oliver retreading facilities, Dealtrey said the company will see how the new move progresses.

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