SEMA: Coker offers muscle car market new Firestones

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SEMA: Coker offers muscle car market new Firestones

Coker Tire is launching a new range of Firestone Wide Oval Radial tires for the muscle car market. While they won’t be available until around January 2017, they are on show right now at SEMA.

Coker has been supplying authentic bias ply tires and specialty radial tires for many years but says its new Firestones will bridge the gap between appearance of a bias ply tire and the comfort, safety and tread wear of a modern radial tire.

Remaking an iconic tire

The Firestone Wide Oval Radial is designed and manufactured in the U.S. and shares many of the design features of the bias ply tire; however, Coker will continue to produce original-style bias ply Firestone Wide Oval tires as well as the new design.

Firestone Wide Oval tires were first produced in 1967 and were the tire of choice for many car manufacturers until bias ply tires were phased out on American automobiles in the 1970s. Coker Tire began reproducing the popular Firestone Wide Oval bias ply tires some time ago but says the new radial will bring “the classic look of a bias ply tire into the modern performance era.”

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Firestone Wide Oval Redline

Six sizes available

Firestone Wide Oval Radial tires are available in sizes ER70-14, FR70-14, GR70-14, FR70-15, GR70-15 and FR60-15, to fit 14” and 15” wheels. The six sizes were popular sizes for muscle cars from 1967 through 1974 but can also be retrofitted to earlier cars.

All of the sizes except the FR60-15 are available with either raised white letters in original script or a 3/8-inch redline sidewall. The FR60-15 is only available with raised white letters with the authentic letter design to match the F60-15 tires that came from the factory on cars including the 1970 Camaro Z/28, Corvettes and Mustangs.

Coker Tire is accepting pre-orders on the bias-look Firestone Wide Oval Radial tires and plans to roll them out in January 2017. The company says all sizes and styles will be DOT approved and will be thoroughly tested before being released to the public market.

To find out more or to pre-order Firestone Wide Oval Radial tires, visit Coker Tire’s website. Coker Tire has three booths at SEMA: #22775, #61011 and #80020.

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