Rotary unveils new XA14 Alignment Scissor Lift

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Rotary unveiled its new XA14 Alignment Scissor Lift at the SEMA Show last week. The new Rotary XA14 alignment scissor lift can handle four-wheel alignments on the broadest range of vehicles in its class, from subcompacts to work trucks.

“If it will fit in your bay, you can align it on the Rotary XA14 scissor lift,” says John Uhl, director of lift product management for Rotary parent company Vehicle Service Group.

The XA14 is compatible with any alignment system, including Rotary’s three light-duty, tower-free wheel aligners, the R1080 Baysaver 3D, R1070 CCD Pro, or R1060 CCD Shop. The XA14 scissor lift offers technicians maximum vehicle access with an open front and rear. It has a rated lifting capacity of 14,000 lbs. and an adjustable front radius gauge that can accommodate wheelbases from 85.5 inches all the way up to 193 inches — a greater range than any comparable scissor lift. An integrated rear slip plate allows lateral tire movement during adjustment.


© Rotary Lift

The lift features a simple, robust design that contributes to its lower long-term maintenance costs. Operator controls are located in a compact console that can be installed on either side of the lift for maximum convenience. The XA14 lift comes ready to work with radius gauges and two rolling jacks. It can be surface-mounted or recessed, based on customer preference.

The XA14 scissor lift expands Rotary’s line of alignment lifts. Only Rotary offers shops a choice of alignment lift styles that include scissor, four-post or the company’s exclusive vertical rise platform with space-saving Y-shaped legs. A local Rotary distributor can help determine the best lift and alignment instrumentation for a shop’s specific needs.

“Many shops prefer scissor-style lifts for alignments,” explains Uhl. “With the addition of the XA14 scissor lift to our lineup, now all the lifts in the shop can be Rotary lifts.”

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