Rotary introduces new R1090 Pro 3D alignment system

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Rotary Lift announced the launch of the R1090 Pro 3D Alignment System featuring a tower-free design and a portable, space-saving cabinet that requires no dedicated bay and gives shops with limited space the flexibility needed to perform wheel alignments anywhere.

“Rotary’s R1090 is ideal for shops with limited space as well as those that perform a high volume of wheel alignments,” said Kevin Jones, Wheel Service Product Manager at Rotary. “The system can be used on a variety of vehicle lifts, including four-post and scissor lifts. The innovative alignment system’s exclusive 3D targets provide fast and accurate readings, allowing technicians to perform more alignments, which means more revenue coming through the door.”

The system’s three-point tire clamps allow for quick setup, and the automatic lift level, a feature of Rotary’s new On-the-Rack Test Drive Program, improves cycle time by eliminating the need for difficult and time-consuming rolling compensation.

Jones said, “We created a Wi-Fi-enabled tablet that is easy to use and walks the user through the alignment process step-by-step, eliminating the need for outsourcing alignments. The tech can take the tablet with them as they make assessments and live adjustments and collect the data necessary to get the job done. There are no complex systems to use, and no dedicated alignment tech is required.”

Rotary’s R1090 Pro 3D Alignment System was recently launched at the SEMA Show, a premier global automotive specialty products trade event that attracts more than 140,000 industry leaders from over 140 countries.

Rotary offers a full line of wheel aligners for shops of all sizes that are backed by Rotary’s quality craftsmanship and three-year wheel service warranty. To learn more about Rotary’s full line of wheel service and lift products, please visit, contact your local Rotary distributor or call 800-640-5438.

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